How to treat arthritis in dogs?

How to treat arthritis in dogs?

Being the pet parent of a dog with arthritis is just heart-breaking. Watching them hurt, knowing they will never be able to run and play as they used to, is just terrible. And being a doggo with arthritis is even worse, of course.

Although there is no cure for arthritis in dogs, there are multiple things we can do to help ease the pain, relieve the existing symptoms and prevent future ones. 

1. Weight management

Although being overweight is dangerous for every dog, you have to be extra careful about it when your dog suffers from arthritis. This is because excessive weight represents a higher strain on your dog’s joints, which is what we don’t want. If their joints have to support more weight, they are more likely to deteriorate faster. 

Maintaining a healthy and strict diet is extremely important for dogs that suffer from arthritis. Make sure to talk to your vet so they can tell you what’s the best diet for your doggo. 

This doesn’t mean that they will never eat a treat again, you just have to learn how to find a balance. If your dog has some treats during the day, then the amount of kibble they’re going to eat afterwards is going to be less. 

2. Physical therapy

Believe it or not, physical therapy has helped many dogs with arthritis live a better life with fewer pain and symptoms. 

Look for a professional physical therapist with good reviews that will help your doggo through different exercises such as stretching, walking on underwater treadmills and range of motion exercises.

What is more, they can also design specific exercise routines for your dog so you can do them together on a daily routine. By doing these extra training sessions, your dog will have better chances of living their best life possible. 

3. Anti-inflammatory drugs

Anti-inflammatory drugs seem to be the ones with better results. Nevertheless, this is not true at all. They might have a good impact on your dog, but they will only do so in the short term. 

Using anti-inflammatory drugs is not a permanent long-term solution since they can have several side effects. 

4. Joint supplements

Giving your dog natural joint supplements is a great long-term treatment for dogs with arthritis. They help to relieve pain, reduce inflammation around the joints and promote mobility. 

In the long-term, joint supplements intend to have the same effect as anti-inflammatories, but without the negative side effects.

Before deciding which joint supplement to give to your dog, make sure to read about the key ingredients they usually have and where that specific supplement gets it from, since they might come from an unsustainable source that’s damaging our world.

Check out this article about the best joint supplements for dogs, that analyzes their pros, cons and ingredients. 

5. CBD oil

In the past few years, the usage of CBD oil both for human and animal arthritis has risen, and it has proven to have amazing effects. 

Contrary to popular belief, CBD does not get you or your dog high, since it’s a natural compound found in cannabis and hemp different to the most commonly known compound that actually gets you high. 

Make sure to inform yourself, read about CBD oil and talk to your vet before buying the first brand you see. What is more, there are some joint supplements that already count with this compound on their ingredients. 

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