Why Primal?

Natural, Carnivore-Friendly Nutrients to Help Your Dog Feel Alive and Full of Energy

What Does Mokai Mean?

Mokai is a special meaning that we give to dogs. When your dog is feeling “Mokai”... it means they’re alive, full of energy, vitality…Mokai is the kind of dog that’s living the way they were meant to. They’re chasing squirrels around the yard. Barking and jumping around the room when you come home from a long trip…And the secret to that is…

Primal Canine Nutrition

Dogs are not vegetarians. Dogs are not vegans. And they aren’t even technically omnivores. Wild dogs (and wolves) hunt. They eat meat, so when we formulate our products… we include natural carnivore-friendly nutrients… beef and chicken flavorings…So that not only does your dog love to eat our products, they also give them the best primal nutrition possible.If we want our dogs to be in top health, we don’t need another chemical from the Pharma industry. We need to travel back in time to the primal nutrition they were meant to have.

Mokai’s Principles

We believe that nature knows best. At Mokai, we help dogs restore their best health by giving them the primal nutrients they would have eaten in the wild.

Here are the principles that guide us as a company - so that we can help dogs all over the world.

  • Primal Canine Nutrition that’s friendly for carnivores.
  • Raw, and natural ingredients always come first.
  • Kibble is not enough to give your dog great nutrition.
  • We love dogs and want the best for them.

Mokai’s Promise

At Mokai, our mission is to save dogs from early death and misdiagnosis. Every pup deserves to live a long, happy, and healthy life. And the key to that is through Primal Canine Nutrition.

We design every single product with this end goal in mind. We want the best for your pup.

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Our Products

We’re dog owners too, and we feed our dogs the same amazing nutrients.

We offer natural carnivore-friendly solutions for dry skin, allergies, gut issues, arthritis, joint pain, and general nutrition.


Jake Carney

Jake is a veteran of the natural wellness industry. He has created and marketed natural supplements for over 10 years. He has experience working with some of the best naturopathic physicians in the world to create breakthrough products.

However… once his dog Lucy got sick, and learned about the problems in the pet nutrition space… Jake found a new mission, to disrupt the world of pet supplements and food. No junk. No fillers. No fake ingredients. Just Primal Canine Nutrition that makes your dog happy.

 Now, he spends every waking hour finding out how to help our canine friends.

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