8 summer safety tips for dogs

8 summer safety tips for dogs

Summer for doggies is just great: they get to go to the beach, swim in the pool and eat delicious healthy ice-creams. But as fun as it can be, it can also represent serious hazards for them. Of course, there are many tips we can follow to avoid them. 

Today we’re sharing the best summer tips you can follow to keep your dog safe during the hottest months of the year.

1. Avoid going on walks during extreme temperatures

During winter, it really doesn’t quite matter when we take our dogs for a walk. But in summer, it’s extremely important.

Depending on where you live, the heat can get pretty intense during the day, and as uncomfortable and annoying as it can be for you, it’s extremely worse for your dog. It can even threaten their life. 

This is why it’s better to avoid going on walks from 11AM to 7PM. You can have a morning walk as early as possible, and then have another one late in the afternoon. This way, your pup will be able to have a great walk, without feeling extremely tired because of the heat.

2. Make sure your dog ALWAYS has fresh water available

Although we know you’re always checking if your pup’s water bowl is filled, you need to make extra checks during summer. What is more, you have to make sure the water is cool and has not gotten warm due to the heat.

A great tip to keep in mind is to occasionally add some ice-cubes to their bowl, it will keep it extra fresh. 

3. Check the pavement

By avoiding going on walks during the worst hours you are pretty much also avoiding the risk of facing a hot pavement. Nevertheless, if the heat is too extreme, the pavement can still be hot late in the afternoon.

The best way to check if the pavement is too hot for your dog’s paws is by putting your hand on it and seeing if you can keep it down for at least five seconds. If it’s too hot for you, it will be too hot for your pup’s paws.

4. Play water games

If your doggo is a water lover, then you should definitely try some water games during the hottest months of the year.

If you have the space and the possibility, you should definitely buy a kids pool for your pup. They will have THE time of their life. You can even add some toys to the mixture and they will be in heaven.

You can also have an amazing play session with a hose. If your dog is a water lover, they will absolutely love this activity.

If you don’t have a park or terrace to play with a hose, you can still enjoy some water games with your pup. Fill the bath, get them into it and just let them splash away!

5. Play frozen games

As weird as it might sound, you can also prepare some frozen activities for your pup, that will not only get them through the heat of the summer, but will also keep them entertained and enhance their brain activity.

These games include licking mats, kongs and teeth cleaning balls. You can freeze all of them. By doing so, your pup will take longer to lick them and they will definitely help them cool down. What is more, you can even add some of the healthy treats they need to the kongs. 

6. NEVER leave your dog alone in the car

Although leaving a pup alone in a car is never a good idea, it’s a particularly terrible one during summer. Please make sure to never ever do this, despite having AC. It can definitely be the cause of a heat stroke.

7. Avoid intense exercise

Although a pup must always do exercise, during summer it shouldn’t be as intense as the rest of the year, since it can be dangerous. If you’re going to have some training sessions, long walks or play dates, make sure to make them during the early morning or late afternoon, in order to avoid the extreme heat. 

8. Don’t let your dog drink from ponds, pools, lakes or the ocean

You have to pay special attention to this during summer since pups might be extra thirsty and might attempt to drink any water they see. They should never do this since they can contain dangerous germs and in the case of the pool, chlorine.

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