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This stuff really works for has doggg breath! I use the wipes over his gums teeth and tounge then I brush right after as well! I do wish It came in an easier form because the wipes are a little small and hard to control.

Omega 3 For Dogs
Crystal Munn
Shiny coat, for my fur babies

I was referred to y'all by Live like a Dawg from Instagram. And I am very happy with your product, Omega-3 concentrate. I see a noticeable difference in their coats. I have a shepherd & rottweiler, very good for dry skin. Thankful for Live Like A Dawg's referral!!
Great stuff! Thank you
Sincerely Crystal Munn


Small dental wipes. Had to use two at a time. Does freshen breath some what for a short time. I think they are over priced for what you get. Dog doesn't mind taste, but really didn't clean teeth well.

They smell so good!!

The wipes smell so good! Ingredients are clean and the wipes are not sticky, super soft!

With very little manipulation, these consistently tear and split

I bought these 2 years ago for walking my 11 pound dog. They were fine. Then the pandemic happened and we got our exercise in our backyard using a handled pooper-scooper instead of the bags. Now that we are using the bags again, I find that they almost always split and tear. They are very fragile. The cornstarch concept is excellent for the environment, but if time renders these defective, then it creates a problem. There is no expiration date on them.

5 star supplement!

Great product that my dog actually loves! He’s very picky when it comes to supplements so I’m super glad he enjoys these.


It doesn’t smell like anything!!! AND it came without a cap!! SCAM! Bs!


Simply rub on your dogs teeth and gums. Works 💪 great.


My dog Bruno is really enjoying his new supplement. This is a great source of supplements all in one for improving balance and vitality in our pups. We definitely recommend this product.

Something was wrong

I’ve been using this type of dental wipe for a few years by a different company. I was surprised when I received this and I am always careful to squeeze all of the extra liquid out of the little pad. And yet this burned my dogs gums so severely I could not continue to use the first one I tried. We did her teeth daily with the other brand and it was the same chemical and the same reported strength but these burned really badly.

Compostable Poop Bags
Amazon Customer
Poor Quality

I so wanted to like these. So many tear just by tearing at the perforation and not sure why the bottom of the bag is pinched.

Dental Wipes For Dogs
Amazon Customer
Seems to work Great!

It's easier to use, in addition to a toothbrush, to get to my dogs back teeth and they like the flavor!

Dental wipes easier for some dogs

My 15 year old prefers the dental wipes to a toothbrush. I can see yellow on the pad when I clean her teeth so I know it is working.

Dental wipes

My cat I could not use theses on. My Dog I tried. I was afraid he was going to swallow the pad the farther I got in his mouth, because of the way he was throwing his head all over the place.

Multivitamins For Dogs
Christopher Hasse
This is not the Daily Multi-Vitamins I reviewed.

I finally found a supplement that my dogs want and seems to help them. And you replace it with something else. If this happens to be a good product, then it will earn it's own reviews. I reviewed a different product that i believed in. it made me believe in you. I hope to see you guys on the water, but lets not talk good marketing, OK. Why the bait and switch?

Mushrooms for Dogs
montiqua pmontiqua p
The dogs love it!

We have dogs in different life stages from puppy to senior, from working to pet and they ALL benefit from this! Some are picky ... Noone turned their nose up! It was also easy to serve just mix in water. Thank you Mokai!

Dental Wipes For Dogs
Stephanie Porch
Waste of money

Small wipes that have no effect on my dog’s teeth. He seemed annoyed and disinterested in these wipes, so barely tolerated cleaning process

Doesn’t help with ferret spell

I’ve used this product and it doesn’t help ferret still smells

Great product

These wipes help a lot when it is too cold for the dog to have a bath. Since it takes most of the day to dry, bathing the dog right now isn't good for her.

Mushrooms for Dogs
Alysha A.Alysha A.
Awesome supplement!

Thrilled to have found this supplement that is all natural and packed with lots of amazing ingredients for my dog! Love the eco-friendly packaging as well, plastic free! If you are looking for a herb and mushroom based supplement this is it!


I purchased this to help my older Golden Retriever. I came with measurements for a pump. No pump came with it. I had to use goo gone to get this off my granite. It was horrible to remove. My dog didn't seem to like the taste either.

Allergy Relief For Dogs
Amazon Customer
Easy to crumble up in my dog's food

I give this to my dog daily, it's so easy to crumble up in his food to make sure his coat stays healthy and shiny!

Great product

This product is very good and makes my dog smell great, I use it after every grooming session.

Facial & Tear Stain Wipes
Amazon Customer
Easy way to keep my dog's face clean

I use these daily to keep my white dog's face clean from tear stains.

Dental Wipes For Dogs
Seems to work

This seems to be working on his bad breath and his teeth are a little whiter.

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