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Easy Calm is an all natural canine-friendly anxiety solution. You get a vet-formulated supplement that:

 Eases Anxiety

✔ Promotes Calm Behavior

 Calms Tension

Allows For An Improved Mood

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A Safe, Natural Way To Turn Off “Alarmed Dog Syndrome.”

In any normal dog pack, you’ll have some dogs that act like a warning system.

Any little noise, sight, or smell will SET THEM OFF. And like an alarm clock going off on your bedside…

They’ll start barking, howling, whining and pacing.

If you’re reading this page, then you might have one of these “Alarm Dogs.”


Maybe strangers walking by sets them off, maybe it’s other dogs, or perhaps it’s car rides to the vet.

We understand the frustration that comes with.

You love your pup, you want them to be happy… but you may also get frustrated with all the barking, whining, and worrying…

You’re ready for it to stop. So…


What’s the Secret Ingredient to a Calm, Relaxed Dog?Actually There Are Two!

There are two things that make Mokai’s Easy Calm formula special.

First, we have a 200mg dose of canine-friendly hemp. Some sources of hemp are too tough for dogs to digest, so they never experience the anxiety-reducing effects of CBD.

Hemp is a natural powerhouse ingredient that can help dogs naturally calm their nervous system. It also helps to reduce inflammation all over their body so that they feel calm & more comfortable. Small doses of hemp are considered safe for dogs when used appropriately and in accordance with veterinary recommendations.

Second, we pair hemp with nature’s most powerful calming herb: the chamomile flower.

We already know that chamomile is effective at reducing anxiety in humans. And it works even better with our furry friends.

Chamomile instantly soothes your dog’s nervous system, so they can relax and enjoy long car rides, vet appointments, and STOP going crazy when the mailman arrives. You know, all those things that typically set your dog off.

But we didn’t stop there…

Here Are All Of The Anxiety-Reducing Nutrients In The Easy Calm Formula



Ashwagandha is a popular adaptogen that can help calm your dog. Studies show that this root helps release extra serotonin to make your dog feel happy and calm.


Passion Flower

Passion flower works by raising levels of “Gamma-Aminoburyric acid” in their brains. This molecule lowers activity in the stress centers of their brain, so they don’t worry about every little sound or smell as much.


L Tryptophan

L Tryptophan is an essential amino acid found in the canine brain. In fact, studies show that L Tryptophan can help reduce separation anxiety in dogs when we leave the home.



GABA is another type of amino acid found in the dog brain. This amino acid’s primary job is to regulate mood and stress. Studies show that dogs given GABA have shown improvement in their overall emotional state.



Reports show that thiamine is an important nutrient in the canine nervous system. When supplement, studies show that thiamine helps regulate irritability with sedative-like side effects in dogs.

**Other ingredients not described here include valerian root, catnip extract, lemon balm, and magnesium.


Naturally Calm Dog Anxiety, Irritability, and Aggressiveness

  • Vet-formulated with 11 safe, natural ingredients for dogs
  • Made in the USA in an NSF Certified facility
  • Helps calm anxiety, tenseness, and irritability in dogs
  • Puts your dog in a peaceful happy state where they aren’t bouncing off the walls
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed by our 60 day money back guarantee
Try Mokai Easy Calm Risk Free Today!

“Poppy goes nuts when I leave her and normally looks for something to tear up. I’ve tried so many things and then found these. She loved the flavor and ate them with no hesitation. I suggest you give them to them about 30 min before leaving so they have time to start working. Our last 2 pics show they are working!”

Denise H.


“These are great for my pup who is a rescue and gets quite anxious around new people, and sometimes when we pass dogs while walking. On days I know we will meet people, I’ve started just giving it to her… it seems to ease her anxiety. It makes it easier for her to have successful meetings with people!”

Lori T.


“These treats changed my dog’s life!!! Every time I leave the house, my dog suffers from separation anxiety. These treats relieved her anxiety and she is much calmer when I leave (I have a doggy cam which allowed me to observe her different behavior).”

Cameron D.

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