The future of our planet belongs to us all.

The planet we currently live on is very different from the one we were born on, and that’s due to all the environmental issues damaging it. Even though these problems affect all of us, they have a bigger impact on those who don’t have a voice, so it’s up to us to speak for them. 

Due to our love for our planet and animals, we’re committed to being different. We don’t expect to be perfect but we’re willing to push through all the challenges to be a sustainable company.  

At MOKAI, we have decided to implement the following social responsibility initiatives in order to minimize our impact on the environment and our animals: 

1.  In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, our team has developed a platform that allows corporate employees to work from remote locations, rather than commuting to the office.

2. In an attempt to reduce plastic waste, our founder and CEO has committed to change our products’ packaging to sustainable alternatives by the end of 2022.  In addition, our company has produced waste bags for pets that compost in 90 days. 

3. Our company has partnered with the Pet Sustainability Coalition in an effort to minimize our impact on our environment and community through sustainable practices.  We’re also part of selected members chosen for Tier 2 of the Positive Impact Program for 2019

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Be part of the solution, not of the pollution.

It’s difficult for consumers to exercise environmental practices when most companies don’t offer sustainable alternatives, the reality is that for a business it’s easier and more lucrative to be unsustainable but we understand that convenience at the expense of our planet is not convenient at all.  

At MOKAI, we want to encourage customers and partners to make the right choice by bringing sustainable solutions to their homes.  It’s up to each one of us to choose the future of our planet as every time we spend money, we’re casting a vote for the kind of world we want.  

Every small action matters, because when 7 billion
people do that action, it changes the world.

If you’re here, you probably have one thing in common with our team members and it’s that we love animals!  That’s why we try to do small things that make a difference, even if it’s just for one animal.  

MOKAI is committed to changing lives, not only for humans and their pets but also for animals in need.  We’re proud to say we’ve done our little part to make a difference in the future of many dogs and we will continue to do so by rescuing, sponsoring dogs in foundations, and donating money and products.