We believe plant-based ingredients and sustainably sourced materials are the key to protecting the future of our planet and our beautiful species.

the problem with

commonly used ingredients

fish oil

The increase in global demand for Omega 3 used in human, animal supplements, and aquaculture feed leads to overfishing and by-catch, causing a loss of biodiversity in our oceans.

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The population of sharks has decreased by 70% since 1970, yet shark traces are being found in pet food and pet treats, starting with Chondroitin, which is usually sourced from shark cartilage.

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Most glucosamine is made from residue of Asian shellfish (mostly shrimp), which is caught by trawling an unsustainable form of fishing. Also contributing to extreme water pollution.

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palm oil

Most products and dog supplements contain palm oil as one of the 'inactive ingredients'. However, palm oil is a major driver of deforestation and orangutan extinction.

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sustainable pet products

as effective with zero impact

We choose to source our Omega 3, Chondroitin, and Glucosamine from renewable, sustainable, and plant-based sources.

marine micro-algae

Algae is the original source of Omega 3


The sustainable way to source of Chondroitin

non-GMO corn

Glucosamine using a fermentation process


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