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reducing our pet's pawprint together

We nourish the mind and body of thousands of dogs by providing access to high-quality ingredients and essential nutrients sourced from real and sustainable foods.

Helping them connect with nature's powerful ingredients to live a happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

the story of mokai

In 2017, our founder Andrea was devastated after her 4-year old Akita, Ozzy, was diagnosed with osteoarthritis after days of limping and whining.

The vet prescribed him with Glucosamine, but Ozzy is a picky one so Andrea had to force him to eat it.

Meanwhile, her recently adopted dog, Echo, was destroying the house due to separation anxiety.

There has to be a better option for my dogs

Andrea P.

Along with her husband, Alejo, they found a team of vet specialists who shared the same passion and love for animals and nature, and together the team was able to formulate superior products.

Made with nature’s best and most potent ingredients, Mokai's mouth-watering dog supplements will maximize all the health and wellness benefits.



In 2020, our founders (Alejo, Andrea, Ozzy and Echo) found a common love, the ocean! And realized the ocean was no longer the source of unlimited resources we think of. In fact, most coral reefs were dead, plenty of remote beaches were covered in plastic, and most were species overfished and endangered, almost reaching the point of no return - extinction.

The worst part was realizing how much our products were impacting our planet.

Andrea P.

Not only were our products packed in plastic (like most companies), but contained commonly found ingredients (in the industry of supplements) that are depleting our oceans and marine species.


Chondroitin could be sourced from Sharks, an animal whose population has decreased by 70% in the last 50 years.


omega 3 (fish oil)

Omega-3 kills millions of tons of marine species every year, contributing to the overfishing of species and by catch.



Glucosamine sourced from shellfish, results in unsustainable fisheries and water pollution by the widespread use of toxic pesticides.

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sustainable pet products

As disappointing as this was for the team, it forced Mokai to find a solution, which included more than fifteen months of research, planning, and product development.

Now, Mokai is proud to provide planet-loving pet parents with a great alternative to pet health, our sustainable brand of eco-friendly pet products!

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