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Why Is My Dog Shaking?

Watching our dogs shake is a bitter pill. As pet parents, we want our dogs to be healthy and happy all the time, and we don’t want anything to compromise their well-being. But there is no reason to panic: Dog shaking is not necessarily an indicator of a serious health condition.

Dog shaking: reasons

There are several reasons for a dog to shake, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. If your dog is trembling, don’t lose it: First of all, it’s important to make an evaluation to know what is going on.

Stress and anxiety: There are some situations that can stress your dog out severely. Fireworks, loud noises, and traveling can cause dogs to get super nervous and shaky. Mokai's hemp calming support soft chews and treats can help your dog put up with these triggering situations.

Cold: Yes, dogs get cold as well, and they can even shake out of cold! We tend to think that dogs with thick coats are super protected from the cold, but truth is, some dogs can still suffer from it.

Nausea: Do you remember those chills when you were feeling under the weather? Well, just like us, humans, dogs can tremble when they are stomach sick. Vomits, nausea, and fever can make your dog shiver.

Fear: Dogs can get scared easily when they feel threatened or in danger. If there is anything unusual going on, your dog can be shaking out of fear. Wait for a few minutes to see if the shaking disappears once the threat goes away.

Joy: These cute little pups can shake out of happiness! If your dog wags his tail playfully, jumps in the air, and shakes, it’s probably just because he is thrilled to see you.

Illness: Shivering can be a symptom of a more serious condition, like distemper or neurological disease. However, these kinds of conditions come accompanied by other symptoms, like cough, nose and eye discharge, fever, and lethargy.

Our dogs’ wellbeing is our responsibility, and active care is the best way to ensure it. Watch out if your dog’s shakes are accompanied by any other symptoms. Plus, if your dog suffers from trembling or shaking and there is no apparent reason for it, contact your vet as soon as possible.

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