the art of dog walking

The Art Of Dog Walking

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We walk our dogs every day, and yet, mastering the art of dog walking is an arduous task. The length of the leash, duration of walks, the tricks… there is a lot to learn. If you think you are having a hard time with this task, this article is for you.

What are the things you should take into account before walking your dog?

We prepared a list of do’s and don’ts to boost your dog’s walking performance. First of all, take into account that these walking suggestions apply if your walks are out of control. If the situation is already handled, then you probably won’t need to follow these steps.

Dog Walking: Do's and Don'ts


  • Choose a short leash: It will allow you to have more control during the walk. Long leashes are great for dogs, but save them for when the walk is under control. There are many different kinds of leashes for you to choose from, and it is very importanrt to make a wise choice, since it will make a significant difference on walks. You can learn more about each one on our blog about leashes.

  • Walk in front of your dog: In an ideal world, where you are the king of dog walking, you could smoothly walk beside or behind your dog. However, if you need to strengthen your leadership with your dog, it is important for you to walk in front of him since it will help him recognize you as the leader of the pack. Besides, you will have more control over him.

  • Make enough time for walks: As the busy humans we are, we usually don’t dedicate enough time to walking our dogs. Remember that walking time is sacred for dogs. It is their favorite moment and we should dedicate them our time, not only for exercise but also mental stimulation. If walks lasts only 10 minutes, your pup is not getting proper stimulation.
  • Treat your dog with a reward: If your dog did behave correctly during the walk, it’s important to let him know and praise him for it. Treats are more than welcome as part of a training method.

  • Always carry dog poop bags: Dogs are our responsibility, and keeping the streets clean is our obligation. “But plastic is destroying our planet.” It is, indeed, and it’s up to us to act on it. If you are looking for a more sustainable alternative, try our compostable dog poop bags, they are made from cornstarch.


  • Don’t letting him sniff: Sniffing every blade of grass they find is our dog’s way to communicate with other dogs and scan the area for plausible dangers. Dogs are natural hunters, and even though this behavior may seem annoying, pointless, or a waste of time to us humans, it’s super important for our pups.

  • Using the same route over and over again: Dogs learn incredibly fast and they have a great memory. So, if you walk them over and over again through the same routes, you will be getting rid of their excitement. Every walk will be dull and plain and they’ll gradually lose curiosity.

  • Distracting: Throughout walking time, the focus must be on your dog. If you use his time to run errands or catch up with a friend, your dog will get bored and lose attention easily. Besides, you can put your dog in danger, as he may pick anything up and eat it, or get in a fight with a dog without you even notice it. Just like if you were strolling with a kid, your attention needs to be on your dog.

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