Why does my dog only eat when I’m around?

Why does my dog only eat when I’m around?

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Dogs are domesticated animals who love to spend time with their family. They go to bed at the same time we do, walk at our rhythm, and are used to our routines. Some dogs even copy the sleeping positions of their owners! Dogs are more anthropomorphized than we can imagine, so it is really common for them to want to be surrounded by people at all times. Yes, even when they eat!

Why does my dog only eat when I’m around? 3 possible reasons

This behavior is way more common than you think. Dogs have been domesticated for hundreds of years now, so they can sometimes get a bit dependent on their human parents. Some dogs refuse to eat when they are alone, and they wait for their owners to do it. But, why is that? In this blog, we’ll analyze the three main reasons behind this behavior.

1. Does your dog feel safe at home?

Dogs are alert animals who are ‘on duty’ all the time. Even though some dogs are more vigilant than others, they all share a protective instinct towards their owners and households.

When they are left alone, dogs can feel insecure and scared due to ordinary situations such as a fire alarm, a noisy neighbor, or a drilling machine next door. When pet parents are home, dogs usually feel safer, because they can see in your attitude that there’s no real danger, but when they are left alone, every little or unusual noise is a reason to be alert. If that’s the case, it’s pretty understandable that your dog won’t feel in the mood to be eating.

If you are going to leave your pup alone for a few hours, try to prepare the household for him/her to feel safe and sound. Make sure to close the windows, turn the TV or music on, and leave their favorite toy nearby.

In addition, if your dog suffers from separation anxiety, you can give him our Hemp Calming Treats, which contain adaptogens, super herbs, and amino acids that will reduce nervousness and hyperactivity, while gently calming your dog down.

2. Is your dog used to eating on his own?

Dogs are social animals who used to hunt and live in the wild. This means that they were used to eating in groups, so it’s part of their instincts to eat with somebody else. If you usually watch your dog while they eat, then they probably won’t do it unless you watch them. Remember that apart from being social, dogs are beings of habits.

if your dog only eats when you're around, next time you are home, try giving them their meal and stick around but don’t watch them. Hopefully, your dog will feel confident enough to eat and will continue doing it without you watching.

3. Is your dog really hungry?

why does my dog only eat when i'm around

If you give your dog his meal but he’s not hungry, he might stick around his bowl, but not eat it. However, if you try to remove it, he will show reluctant to leave its side. Has this happened to you? If so, your dog might not want to eat, whether you are there or not.

Due to a previous snack, a stomach ache, GI distress, or just because they are not feeling hungry, dogs might reject eating their food.

Try changing his food. Naturally, dogs can lose enthusiasm after eating the same meal day after day. You can try giving him a different food and see how he reacts. Always make sure all the nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids are included in his/her diet. Our Multifunctional vitamins contain superfoods, probiotics, omegas, and adaptogens to fill any nutritional gaps in your dog’s diet.

My dog only eats once a day, should I be worried?

Many dogs only eat once a day, but it is usually not recommended. As a rule of thumb, veterinarians state that an adult dog should have at least two meals a day, 12 hours apart.

However, eating habits depend on many factors such as health, age, routine, etc. If your dog only eats once a day, and he refuses to eat more, talk to your vet to assess the situation and see what’s best for him.

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