signs your dog loves you

How To Tell If Your Dog Loves You

5 signs your dog loves you

Everyone has a favorite person, right? And we desperately want to be our dog’s!

Dogs can’t tell how much they love us, but they can certainly communicate it through their body language. The problem is, that sometimes, our dog’s language is not so easy to understand for us humans. Beyond recognizing a happy tail-wagging when we return home, we usually have no real clue if they are super thrilled to be with us or just stuck with us.

These 5 signs your dog loves you will help you identify if you are your pup’s BFF.

Following you around: Pups that have this behavior are called ‘Velcro dogs’ (I know, it’s cute). Has it happened that you exit the bathroom and your dog is there, waiting for you like a statue? If so, don’t worry: you have a Velcro dog. The simple truth is they want to be as close to you as possible, they enjoy your company and want to follow you around everywhere.

Licking you: Think about licking as dog kisses. They usually lick things up to taste them, but they don’t lick anything twice unless they like it. how to know if your dog loves you? Simple. If he kisses you, it means he loves you and he wants to show it. 😊

Staring at you: As a dog owner, I know this may be a little creepy, but its explanation is pretty simple. Dogs tend to stare at their owners to express affection. Staring at you is your pooch’s way to make you feel loved and adored. Plus, it is good for your health. Mutual gazing between dogs and humans reduces cortisol and releases oxytocin, a hormone that makes you and your dog happier.

5 signs you dog loves you

If you are wondering why we love dogs so much, now you have your answer: they truly make us happier.

Leaning against you: When a dog leans on you, he is probably seeking attention: ‘Hey human, I’m here, pet me’. This behavior is simply a sign of love and comfort. Also, the members of a dog pack always sleep together for protection and warmth. So, if your dog leans on you, cheer up, he considers you part of his pack!

Sleeping in your bedroom: Even if you don’t allow your dog to sleep in your bed, he will still be thrilled to sleep in your room, close to you. Partially because it is probably warm and cozy, but also because he loves you. While sleeping next to you, your dog feels safe and protected, just as we feel when we sleep with our loved ones. Besides, your dog probably wants to sleep in your room because it smells like you. It doesn’t get more adorable than that.

Understanding your dog’s love signs can make you feel more attached to him. Getting acquainted with your dog’s language and behavior will help you create a deeper bond with each other. And even though the meaning of these behaviors can vary from dog to dog, interpreting your dog’s love signs is a great start.😊

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