puppy grooming

Puppy Grooming


Puppies are a whole different breed, and therefore, puppy grooming is as well. If you have had a dog before, and you think you might have gained some experience… it doesn’t apply to puppies. They have very different requirements from adult dogs, and in order to fulfill them, first, you need to know them.

Do I need to groom my puppy? Really?!

Many people think that puppy grooming is not necessary until at least their first 6 months. However, this is an absolute lie. Puppies need to adopt a healthy grooming habit from 12 weeks on.

3 Things you need to know about Puppy Grooming

  • Make it a routine: Just like it happens with babies, puppies need routines to stick to. If you designate a specific area just for grooming, once you take your pup there, he will immediately know what is going on. If he seems reluctant to it, you can also set aside some toys and treats to make grooming a more pleasant experience.
  • Be relaxed: Our dogs know us better than anyone, and they can sense our nervousness. If you call them from their grooming spot while being stressed out and irritated, they won’t be very happy to join you. They will rapidly associate that spot with stress, anger, and frustration. The grooming spot must be a safe place they’d love to go to.
  • Get the right tools: Your pouch has special puppy needs, and you need to keep up with them. Ingredients can vary widely in adult-designed products, so make sure the items you are choosing are the right fit for him. Shampoo, wipes, trimmers, dental care, etc.

Grooming steps

Bath: Start moistening your puppy with warm water as a game and gently apply the product of your choice. If you are still having doubts on whether to use shampoo, you can go for a puppy shampoo mild enough to use on your puppy’s face and that won’t strip his coat.

Brushing: The best time to brush his coat is after a bath. You will make sure to get rid of all the dead hair and it’s better to untangle his mats. Make sure to choose the appropriate brush for your pup using the guide in our blog about shedding.

Nail trim: This practice requires all your patience. Start slowly, watch your dog’s response. Show him the nail clipper and let him come to terms with it. You can also give him a treat for him to lick throughout the process. Never force your dog to do anything he doesn’t feel comfortable with.

Dental care: Young puppies don’t need to have active dental care. However, you can take advantage of this grooming routine to get him acquainted with teeth tools and get used to the practice of wiping their teeth. Besides, you will make sure to prevent gum disease and tooth decay from the early stages. Our Dental Cleaning Wipes have been specially designed to keep your dog fresh and clean.

In addition to these steps, you can add antiseptic wipes to keep your furry baby clean at all times. You can choose between Tear Wipes for dogs and Antiseptic and Antibacterial wipes, both alcohol-free formulas that help sensitive skin.

Dogs are animals of habit and sticking to a routine is super helpful and productive for them. Even though grooming is a very important part of a dog’s life, it is helpless unless it comes together with proper nutrition. Ensure to have all your puppy’s nutritional needs covered through food and supplementation. Look after his development with Mokai’s Algae Oil and Multifunctional Dog Chews, thoroughly designed to meet all your pup’s needs.

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