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3 Effective Ways To Keep Shedding Under Control

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Even though shedding is a completely normal process in a dog’s life, excessive shedding can be frustrating and exhausting and, sometimes, a sign of health issues. If you have a furry best friend at home, you probably have your sofa, floors, bed and clothes all covered in dog hair. Here, a solution that doesn’t include stop cuddling with your dog.


Why does my dog shed?

First of all, you need to know that shedding is a natural process every dog undergoes. Dogs usually groom themselves, and shedding is the natural way they have to get rid off unnecesary or damaged hair by themselves. Some dogs are more likely to shed than others (you can read more about it in big dogs that don't shed); and some of them even shed seasonally, so the intensity of their hair loss can fluctuate. The main reason your dog sheds is to change his fur: he gets rid of his old or damaged fur in order to get a new one. As simple as that.


Shedding can also be an important indicator of health issues so if your dog is shedding excessively or more than usual, you should get an appointment with the vet asap. It can be an indicator of parasites, allergies, or even a skin problem.

Keeping shedding under control

Now that you know why your dog sheds, there are some tips you can follow to soothe this process:

  • Brush your dog often: This is one of the most effective treatments against shedding. The frequency of brushing needed can variate from one dog to another, and not all brushes are the same. Choose a proper brush based on your dog’s type of coat, size, and needs:

    - Bristle brush: this brush is very useful for short-haired dogs who shed heavily. The bristles help to remove their damaged fur without hurting their skin. Great for Jack russel terriers, Pugs and Boston terriers.

    - Rakes: it has been designed to remove tangles, old, and dead hair. Highly recommended if your dog’s coat is dense and thick, and it doesn't provide an easy access. Useful for Malamutes, German sheperds or Chow chows.

    - Slicker brush: this brush was especially made for long-haired dogs like Golden retrievers, Yorkshires and St. Bernard. It removes the old hair from their undercoat and keeps his coat shiny, smooth, and with a silky sheen.

Bristle Brush Bristle brush

Rake Brush Rakes

Slicker Brush Slicker brush

  • Prevent dehydrated or irritated skin: It’s very easy for your dog’s skin to get dehydrated or even irritated and, as a consequence, they shed more. You can use special shampoos in order to protect his skin and fur. MOKAI has launched a line of hypoallergenic shampoos which contain natural ingredients such as aloe, oatmeal and chamomile along with other vitamins and moisturizers that have soothing benefits on your dog’s skin and coat.

  • Keep an eye on his nutrition: Make sure he is getting all the essential nutrients he needs in his diet as this is the key to good health. And don’t forget to add Omega-3 fatty to your dog’s diet. Dogs can’t produce Omega-3 on their own and it is essential for their health, specially for their skin and coat. MOKAI has Omega-3 supplements, which provide all the essential fatty acids that your dog needs, not only for their cognitive function but also for their skin and coat. You can choose between tasty soft-chews that you can give your dog as a treat, or our liquid algae oil that can easily be added to your dog’s food.

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