How to keep your house clean with dogs

How to keep your house clean with dogs

One of our least favorite things about being a pet parent is the consequences it has on our house. Despite not doing it on purpose, of course, dogs tend to make keeping a house clean quite a difficult task. It’s not their fault they shed, get mud on their paws or just have the common dog smell.

If you feel like you can relate, then this article is for you. There are many easy and simple tips you can follow to keep your house clean when having a dog. Let’s get started!

1. Regular brushing

One of the biggest issues pet parents have to face is finding small hairs EVERYWHERE. You put on a sweater, a hair. You get in bed, a hair. You open the cupboard, a hair. It really makes no sense how sneaky dog hair is. 

There are some lucky pet parents that have pups that don’t shed as much, so this is not a problem for them. But if your doggo is constantly shedding, then this tip will come in really handy. 

Brushing your dog at least once a week is going to keep your pup from losing so much hair, trust us. It’s a habit you can incorporate into your routine that will make your life so much easier in the future, saving you some sweeps a day. You can also do it more often, like every other day.

What is more, many pups really enjoy being brushed and start to kick their legs when you do. 

2. Cleaning their paws after every walk

This might be one of the most important tips you can follow to keep your house clean with dogs. 

No matter how often they’re cleaned, streets are definitely not free of dirt. We might not see it, but our dog’s pups can accumulate a great amount of dirt and dust just by taking a short walk. It’s just as if we were to walk barefoot on the street, they wouldn’t be too clean afterwards, right?

The best thing you can do to avoid bringing in all that dirt into your house is gently cleaning your pup’s paws after every walk. It won’t take you more than 30 seconds and it will definitely keep your house much cleaner.

A great way to clean your dog’s paws is using high-quality dog cleansing wipes. They are extremely easy to use, and are great for pups that don’t like having their legs touched.

What is more, they have many benefits, such as soothing sensitive skin and coat, removing stains and excess hair, cleaning hard to reach areas such as foot pads, and leaving a delicious scent.  

3. Bathe your dog regularly

How often a dog should be bathed is open to debate. Many vets have agreed that doing so once a month could be a good solution. Nevertheless, some others recommend doing it every three months.

You will find the best routine for your pup, according to their needs, preferences and how dirty they get. If your pup is constantly going to the park, then they probably need to be bathed more often than a dog that doesn’t like rolling in the grass.

Skin allergies are also a decisive factor, since dogs who suffer from them are sometimes advised to be showered more often.

4. Use dog-friendly cologne

Using a dog-friendly and vet approved cologne after every bath is a great option to keep your pup smelling as good as possible.

Mokai’s dog’s body spray is a water-based liquid that provides a long-lasting fresh scent. You can also add it sometime between baths to add some extra freshness. 

5. Clean your dog’s food and water bowl daily

This is quite an important habit many pet parents don’t know about. Cleaning your dog’s food and water bowl is extremely important, not only because it avoids the build-up of dirt, but also because they can accumulate damaging bacteria for your dog.

We have actually written an article that goes over the reasons why you should clean your dog’s water and food bowls daily and how to do it. 

6. Clean their tear stains regularly

As gross as it might sound, our pups can unintentionally leave some eye-boogers lying around on walls and couches by rubbing on them. Of course, it’s not their fault, but let’s be honest, it’s not quite pleasing. 

The best thing is that it can be avoided by regularly cleaning your dog’s eye stains whenever you see boogers on them. A great way to do it is using face and tear stains dog cleansing wipes, that are also useful for cleaning their whole face. 

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