How to celebrate your dog’s birthday?

How to celebrate your dog’s birthday?

Despite what some people may say, celebrating your dog’s birthday is a wonderful experience. You get to have a whole day dedicated to both you and your pup, what could be better than that?

Nevertheless, thinking of ways to celebrate this amazing birthday pawrty can be quite challenging, not all doggos love the same activities and enjoy themselves in the same way. Every single one has their own preferences. 

That’s why we decided to create the ultimate dog birthday ideas so you can find the most pawrfect one for your pup. 

1. Go on a super special walk

This activity is for our more sporty pups that love to go on extremely long walks and trips to the park. 

Pick the best time of the day, choose your favorite trail, the best destination you can imagine and off you go. Make sure to take extra water and your dog's favorite treats for any emergencies that might happen. 

You can also pack a human and dog friendly picnic for your adventure, you will have a wonderful time!

2. Bake some delicious treats

If your pup isn’t a fan of the outdoors, you can always prepare some amazing activities they will love inside your house. One of them is, of course, baking. There are several recipes of healthy and delicious treats you can bake with your pup.

If your dog’s birthday is in summer, you can try and prepare some delicious pawpsicles! They are incredibly easy to make, super delicious and are even a great refresher for the hot temperatures.

3. Throw a parwrty 

There are some doggos that don’t love the company of other doggos, and that’s totally okay. But for the ones that do, this is an AMAZING birthday idea. 

There are two options for this pawrty: have it at the park or have it at your house. Unless your dog has an extremely close relationship with their pack, it might not be the best idea to have it at your house.

As good as your dog may be, they might not react so well when another pup eats their food or plays with their toys. This is not because your dog is aggressive or anything like that, most pups are territorial and don’t want others near their stuff.

That’s why we recommend throwing the pawrty at the park. It’s a space all of the furry guests are already used to, they know how to coexist in that specific space. It will be lovely!

You can take some cute decorations and put them over the trees and benches, but please make sure not to leave any trash once you’re done. 

Taking treats to the pawrty might be a bit controversial too, since it can create some tension. The best thing you can do is prepare some adorable souvenirs with delicious and healthy treats for each guest, so they can enjoy it at home. 

4. Let them choose their gift

Okay, we’re sure there’s not a dog in the world that won’t love this birthday idea. What you’re going to do is take them to your favorite local pet store and just let them choose whichever toy they prefer! Their snout will be their guide. 

5. Prepare a dog-friendly birthday cake

This is a birthday essential! What’s a birthday without a cake? Luckily, there are some for pups too. You can either bake it yourself or just order it online! There are tons of small businesses baking the most beautiful and healthy cakes for dogs.

Just make sure that there are nothing but dog-friendly ingredients on the cake you give them. 

6. Organize a sniffary at home

This is a great indoor birthday activity for every dog, they will not only have fun, but they will also be enhancing their senses and boosting their brain activity.

Just take small pieces of your dog’s favorite food, such as cheese, and hide them all around the house. Your pup will definitely know something’s going on just by the smell of it, and they will have the time of their life looking for the hidden treats!

7. Just do whatever they want!

In conclusion, this is their day, you just have to do whatever they want! If they want to have a nap with you, just have a nap. If they want to play fetch or tug-o-war all day, then you do that. 

What our dogs love most in the world (apart from treats, of course) is us, our love and attention. As long as we give them that, they will be the happiest doggo in the whole world.

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