can dogs eat papaya

Can Dogs Eat Papaya?

Not all the foods that are apt for human consumption are equally safe for our furry friends. Chocolate, nuts, grapes, raisins are only a few examples of toxic foods for dogs. Hence, before introducing a new snack to their diet, it’s very important to investigate if it's safe for fido.

In this blog, we’ll be focusing on papayas. Can dogs eat papaya safely?

Papayas are tropical fruits that come from South America, but nowadays, they are also grown in different countries around the world. They are sweet, juicy, and fresh, so they are usually chosen as a healthy snack. But, the question is, can my dog enjoy this healthy treat as well?

Can dogs eat papaya?

Yes, dogs can eat papaya safely, as long as it is fed in moderation. Papayas have a lot of beneficial properties and nutrients, however, like many other fruits, they are super rich in fiber and even though fiber is good for your dog’s health, they need to be moderated. Excess of fiber can cause diarrhea, bloating, vomiting, and gastrointestinal distress.


Before feeding your pup with papayas, you should carefully remove all their seeds and cut them into small pieces. Just as you should do with any new food you introduce to their diet, if you are giving papaya to your pup for the first time, then you should be aware of any allergic reactions they might present.

Last but not least, papaya should not be served as a main meal. Remember dogs need to cover their nutritional needs through main meals and supplements, and fruits and snacks should not be their main source of nutrition.

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Is papaya good for dogs?

can dogs eat papaya

Yes, if you are looking for healthy treats to give your dog, this is it. Papaya contains 88% water and 12% carbohydrates (sugar and fiber), so it is a healthy low-calorie choice to hydrate your pup. Besides, it contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients dogs can take advantage of.

Benefits of papayas for dogs

They contain:

  • Vitamins A, E, C, and K. These vitamins are in charge of increasing dogs’ energy and boosting their immune system, reducing inflammation, preventing cognitive aging, and speeding up the healing process. Besides, vitamin C increases the number of dogs’ antibodies, and vitamin K plays an important role in blood clotting.

  • Minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, folate. They help strengthen dogs’ bones and provide energy for their muscles, heart, and nerves.

  • High fiber prevents obesity, lowers cholesterol levels, and helps maintain bowel health.

  • Papain, an enzyme that helps support healthy digestion, reduces inflammation and pain, and helps heal wounds.


Can dogs eat dried papaya?

Yes, dogs can eat dried papaya as well. However, when dried, papaya has less water and more sugar content, so you might want to avoid it if your dog is overweight.

Can dogs eat papaya seeds?

Papaya seeds contain very small amounts of cyanide, which ingested in (very) large amounts can be toxic. There is no need to worry if your pup accidentally ate a seed or two, but since papaya contains dozens of it, you should carefully try to remove them.

And what about their peel?

Papaya peel is very hard and difficult to digest, therefore, it can cause abdominal pain and GI distress. Besides, it constitutes a potential choking and blocking hazard, so you should never give it to your dog.

Can dogs eat papaya every day?

Yes, feeding papaya to your dog every day is beneficial for their health, as long as it doesn’t exceed 10% of their daily food intake.

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