7 common dog sleeping positions and their meaning

7 common dog sleeping positions and their meaning

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If you have ever watched your doggo sleep, then you probably must have noticed how different their sleeping positions can be: the cinnamon roll, sleeping with their belly back, sleeping on their side and even lying like a human.

But what do these sleeping positions actually mean? Or do they even have a meaning? As a matter of fact, they do, and quite an interesting one if we might add.  In this article we’re going to share some of the most common dog sleeping positions and they’re meaning. 

1. The cinnamon roll

The cinnamon roll, or donut, dog sleeping position might be one of the cutest ones, but might not have the cutest meaning. 

Dogs who sleep in this position might me doing so due to two possible reasons. The most common one is because they want to regulate their body temperature. By curling up in a roll, they get to preserve the heat. 

The other possible reason why dogs sleep in this position is because they are trying to protect their most vulnerable parts of their body, such as their stomach. They might do so when they don’t feel totally safe in their surroundings. This is why many stray dogs adopt this sleeping position. 

2. The side sleeper

When a doggo is sleeping on their side, they feel absolutely comfortable and safe in their surroundings. They don’t feel like they have to protect their most vulnerable spots, they know they can relax, which acts as a sign of trust towards you and the environment. 

In this sleeping position, dogs’ muscles are relaxed, which can be an indicator that they have entered REM sleep, that they have started dreaming. 

3. Belly-up

This might be one of the ultimate signs of trust a dog can display. When they’re sleeping with their belly up, their vital organs are completely vulnerable. They only sleep in this position when they are absolutely comfortable and feel 100% safe in the environment they’re in. 

They might also adopt this position during high temperatures in order to cool down. Since their belly is a source of heat, having it up in the air is an effective way of cooling down. 

4. The lion’s pose

This position consists of the dog sleeping with their head on top of their paws or between them. They adopt this position when they are just beginning to fall asleep. They also do so in order to be ready to wake and get up easily in case of any emergency. 

Once sleep sets in, they might adopt the side sleeper pose. 

5. The cuddler

This might be one of the cutest dog sleeping positions. Dogs usually like to sleep cuddled up against their human or another doggo because it gives them a sense of comfort and security. It is said to resemble the feeling of protection they experienced as puppies.

This sleeping position is also identified as a special sign of bonding, either between two dogs, a dog and another animal, and a dog and their human parent. When they cuddle up against you, they are trying to get a feeling of proximity and comfort.

If your pup isn’t a big cuddling fan, you must not feel that they don’t feel comfortable around you. There are some pups that just don’t like cuddling, as some humans do. 

6. The burrower

This sleeping position consists of lying underneath clothes, blankets or pillows. One of the possible reasons why is because they are cold and seeking a warmer sleeping spot. 

Nevertheless, they might also sleep under blankets because they are trying to feel safer and calmer. This is why there are some special beds or shirts that are recommended for doggos that suffer from anxiety, they give them a sense of comfort, as calming treats do. 

7. The Superman

Some doggos like to sleep with their belly on the floor and both their front and back legs stretched. They usually do so either because they want to cool down, or as a quick nap during play time. 

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