Omega 3 For Dogs
Omega 3 For Dogs
Omega 3 For Dogs
Omega 3 For Dogs
Omega 3 For Dogs
Omega 3 For Dogs
Omega 3 For Dogs
Omega 3 For Dogs
Omega 3 For Dogs
Omega 3 For Dogs
Omega 3 For Dogs
Omega 3 For Dogs
Omega 3 For Dogs

Omega 3 For Dogs

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Reduces joint pain by treating inflammation
Improves brain development and overall skin health
Gives coats a softer texture and silky sheen

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Crystal Munn
Shiny coat, for my fur babies

I was referred to y'all by Live like a Dawg from Instagram. And I am very happy with your product, Omega-3 concentrate. I see a noticeable difference in their coats. I have a shepherd & rottweiler, very good for dry skin. Thankful for Live Like A Dawg's referral!!
Great stuff! Thank you
Sincerely Crystal Munn

Sue SchulzSue Schulz
Dog loves it.

This stuff really works for dogs with skin allergy. My chihuuahua was having to get shots and when we started this she stopped scratching. I ran out whioe in hospital and then rehab and when I got home she was really scratching. Got her a shot and she still did it. Just got new bottle and already better. I will not run out anymore.

Helene S.Helene S.
UPDATE: Pump received with new bottle

UPDATE: The seller reached out to me to explain that this was indeed supposed to come with a pump, and the lack of one was due to some error at Amazon packaging. They offered to send me one. I ended up ordering one, and this one did come with a pump.My dogs seem to like the taste, and I will update if/when I notice any change in their skin or coats. I may also change to 5 stars if I order again and the pump is included again. Right now it's 50% so I'll wait and see LOL. I do wish the writing on the bottle was larger. With my old eyes, I have to use the magnifier on my phone to read it. But that's minor and is something I deal with all the time on many packages.Got this for my 2 dogs. The pictures online show a pump, and the directions (see photo) give directions for how many pumps are needed, but there is no pump included anywhere in the packaging.

Miranda Miranda
You’ll LOVE this

We absolutely love this product! This is our first time trying the wild fish oil and the only issue is that we didn’t order sooner! We have two picky eaters and after adding this into their bowls they have been eating so much more than normal! So great for them! Both dogs love the flavor, the malamute licks the bottle clean after each use. It’s so easy to dispense, we keep it right by their food so it gets added each time. The ingredient quality is great! Thanks for making such a great product!!

Caitlyn J.Caitlyn J.
Ease to use and wonderful health benefits for your dog!

Fish oil supplements are very important in our household. We are so glad to have tried this product. The ease of dispensing on top of daily food and not having to worry about a capsule is phenomenal. Some dogs will constantly spit out the capsule no matter what is used to conceal it. Elway doesn't seem to notice at all and isn't effected by any fishy the taste. The only thing I wish is that the dispenser could lock better for storing. Otherwise, we definitely recommend this product for anyone looking to add the wonderful joint and skin benefits fish oil adds to their dog's life.

The Burkharts AbroadThe Burkharts Abroad
My Picky Eater Loves This!

We have two dogs and one is a super picky eater. As soon as we started adding Wild Fish Oil to their food he ate the whole bowl every time. Both dogs cleaned their bowls and even licked them clean. I will continue to use this product and since I know how good fish oil is for the hair and skin that just makes it an added bonus!

Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer
Hobbes Favorite Treat!

We have been using ZPAW's fish oil for a while and my dog Hobbes will literally bring it to me throughout the day. We put this on his meals twice a day and it gives it a little flavor and moisture which he likes! We have noticed that his coat is soo beautiful and always get compliments on how soft he is! I would recommend to anyone looking for a good fish oil!

Best Omega 3 for Dogs and Cats

MOKAI’s omega 3 for dogs and cats is a natural liquid dog supplement made from marine algae containing a powerful blend of EPA and DHA to make the best omega 3 for dogs. Our skin and coat supplement for dogs is an eco-friendly solution that helps promote healthy skin and coat, reduces joint inflammation, controls allergic reactions, and supports the cardiovascular and immune systems to help your four-legged friend feel healthy and happy.

Our omega 3 fatty acids are sustainably sourced from marine algae, making them the best eco-friendly alternative to fish oil and salmon oil for dogs. This liquid supplement from algae oil improves the skin and coat health as it provides all the vital nutrients but without contributing to overfishing, bycatch, and the extinction of marine species, which makes it the best omega 3 supplement for dogs.

Is Omega-3 good for dogs?

Our omega-3 for dogs is made from marine algae and contains a powerful blend of Omega-3 fatty acids, including both DHA and EPA.  Our algae oil for dogs contributes to eye and brain development and helps improve cognitive function.  In addition, our dog fish oil alternative can reduce allergies and itchy skin, while helping treat joint inflammation and kidney disease.

Did you know fish can’t produce omega-3 on their own, so they get it from algae?

At Mokai, we have the best Omega-3 for dogs in the market since we use the original source of Omega-3: Marine algae.  It is the only truly sustainable source of Omega-3 as it doesn’t contribute to overfishing and the extinction of marine species making it the best alternative to cod oil and salmon oil for dogs.

So it’s time to stop looking for the best fish oil for dogs, krill oil for dogs, or salmon oil for dogs, and try our algae oil as it provides all the omega 3 fatty acids for dogs but without the environmental impact.

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Warning:  Our omega-3 supplement is for animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Store in a cool and dry place, for best results, refrigerate after opening 

Caution: Safe use in pregnant or breastfeeding animals has not been tested. Consult with your veterinarian before use.

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