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Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags
Sarah Slansky Marcue
On time, package badly damaged

It arrived on time but the box inside the package was badly damaged, like it had been torn apart a bit and taped back together with Amazon prime packing tape. All the rolls of doggie bags were inside but half of them were partially unraveled because the stickers weren't placed properly. I've ordered from Mokai before and it wasn't an issue. The bags are still fine to use but it was just not good packaging.

Success finally

This is the first product I have been able to find that my dogs love. They ask for these, if i forget.
I tried these after seeing your sailing channel and did not expect it to be this well made. Now we are trying the all in one with superfoods.

Antiseptic Wipes For Dogs
Patti Kozikowski
Fresh and easy

Super fresh scent and incredibly easy to use. Makes teeth cleaning on a puppy relatively easy!! Thank you mokai paws!

good bags but some arrived damaged

Here are the pros and cons of these bags.ProsEasy to open, which is a plus on a cold morning when wearing gloves.Good thickness.Easily tears off roll.No plastic or cardboard tube to throw out at the end of the roll.Made of corn starch, which is compostable and a big plus.ConsAs you can see from the photo, a number of bags were not usable due to production issues. Bags were slit down the middle. I took this photo after encountering the first roll where this happened. I thought this might be a fluke, but then another roll had the same problem. So far, 10 bags not usable. Still have 2 rolls out of 8 to go.Although the bag measurements are standard, the bottom of the bags are gathered together, so they don't open as fully as other bags.Not for really large dogs. I have an australian shepherd mix and the bags couldn't be any smaller to work.Full roll doesn't fit in a regular size dispenser; need to use 3-4 bags before putting in dispenser.Overall, I would buy these bags again except for how many were damaged and couldn't be used.

Overall great product!

Worked great on our husky for calming her on our walks. She’s very harsh with pulling on the leash. After giving her these chews, her leash pulling has shown significant improvement.

Works great just as described by many of my friends.

There’s no dislike. Easier than using a toothbrush 🪥 and I can use it whenever without hurting their gums.


These wipes are AMAZING! In the evening my girl and I walk 2-3 miles and her paws are filthy by the time we get home. I usually use baby wipes to clean them, but they never got them super clean. I was so excited when I saw these wipes and had to try them! Not only do they work great, but they smell amazing too! My girl loves them!

Wonderful Wipes!

These wipes by MOKAI are wonderful! The smell is so fresh and clean, and they really take the dirt off of my pup’s paws after playtime outside. What I love most is that the aloe and oatmeal combo is soft on his paws, unlike many other wipe brands that are harsh. I’ve also used them on his fur after he’s rolled around on the grass and they don’t leave his fur feeling oily - just fresh and clean. Definitely recommend!

Our Fur Babe LOVES the Mokai Omega Chews!

Our little fur baby LOVES these Omega chews!!!! We feed a raw diet and Omegas are definitely one of the things we struggle with. But these are so easy, we don’t have to hide them in his food or crush them up, he just eats them like candy!

Scent is amazing

The scent on these wipes is incredible. Love using them on our 3 dogs.


My German Shepard doesn’t mind these wipes at all. So much easier than brushing. I love how it is MESS FREE! And so SIMPLE to use. I will definitely buy these again. Also, my small dog and cat didn’t mind these either. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY AROUND. ✨✨✨✨✨

Easy and effective!!

Our dog hates having his teeth brushed. But these wipes were amazing!!! He sat while I wiped down his teeth, and they already look way better. They smell nice and minty and apparently are tasty enough for the pup to put up with! So easy!

Great product, great quality

I’m so grateful to find a product that has quickly become an important part of daily grooming ritual of my goldendoodle. It has a very mild clean fragrance and the sheets are so soft. It is not irritating and my dog did not mind me cleaning around his eyes with it. It really does a great job removing stains on the fur. I am so happy to find a product that has made my life so easy. I highly recommend.

Best shampoo ever!

I have 5 shelties. Their coats have never looked better. I have tried several shampoos over the past years and I finally found a great shampoo with MOKAI Natural Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs. Their coats are shinny, soft and easy to comb through. I will not use any other shampoo except for MOKAI Natural Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs.

Great for Little Puppy Faces and Eyes!

These work great for cleaning my little Westies' eyes & faces. Their eyes water & get gunky from these seasonal allergies, & they are ALWAYS rubbing their faces on the ground, in the grass, dirt, & who knows what else. I keep them right by the front door so I can wipe them off after a walk. The come in a canister so that you can pull them straight out of the top, which is great when you have a dog anxious to get off their leash and get away! 🙂 They are the perfect size, very light (not heavy and soapy) & they have a clean smell. I also love that they are made in the USA and have limited ingredients so I can feel safe putting them on my dogs' faces. I will be buying these again and I can't wait to try their other products!

Easy & Effective

My pup Roger loves these wipes and so do I!! They’re much easier than a toothbrush and his breath smells fresh and clean!!

Great wipes

We love these wipes. Mokai wipes smell good, are simple to use, and have helped with tear stains

Stink breath.... no more!

I love this stuff. It's simple to use and it has help tremendously with their stinky breath. I have noticed it helps with build up on their teeth! We love it!

Dental wipes - highly recommend!

These wipes are perfect for keeping my dog’s breath fresh and their teeth clean. So easy to use - just take one of the wipes (50 come in a pack) and use the wipe over their teeth and gums. My dog loves the peppermint flavor! The wipes are very easy to use. The anti microbial activities reduce bacteria, plaque, and tartar buildup so I know I’m helping to keep my pet healthy.

Wonderful wipes!!

We received these wipes about a week ago. So excited to try to these on my pup with her bad tear stains. In just a week of daily use I've seen a change!! It's working!!! I'm amazed!! I've tried other products but nothing else has worked for her. We both love the scent and the softness of the wipes. Very gentle. I'd definitely recommend them. Can't wait to try on the cats!!

Love love love these face wipes.

These work great for cleaning my Lucy’s eyes that water a lot from seasonal allergies. They have no scent and are really easy to use.

Effective. Try now!

Phenomenal. We have tried quite a bit of products for are dogs teeth and there either expensive, hard to do, or are dog dislikes. This was very easy to use and my dog didn’t mind a whole lot. We have used it for about a week now, wanted to get a feel and I would be happy to say it worked efficiently getting the plaque off the teeth. I would definitely recommend to try and see if you like it.

Effective and Trustworthy product

Absolutely love these! Yes, brushing teeth with a toothbrush is probably better,but if your pup isn't going to let you do that then you have to find an alternative!The ingredient in these (clorhexidine gluconate) is the same ingredient in the mouthwash I had to use after getting my wisdom teeth removed- so I feel very comfortable using it on my pet and confident that it is effective in keeping her mouth clean!It's a pretty quick process to just swipe around my pups teeth with these then a quick sweep on the roof of her mouth and tongue.

Sticker tears bags, otherwise great!

These bags are great but the sticker used to hold the roll together before use tears the first bag. Even with careful manipulation, the bag still rips. Hopefully they will design a different adhesive so that we don’t have to waste 8 bags because they have a hole in them.

I will buy this again. I absolutely recommend this for your precious dogs

Great quality. My English Bulldog absolutely loves this. He no longer sleeps all day. He plays with our young Italian Greyhound all afternoon.