Winter activities for dogs

Winter activities for dogs

Some time ago we shared some fun fall activities you can do with your furry best friend. Since winter is right around the corner, today we want to share with you some fun projects you can plan with your dog for this cold season.

Depending on where you live, these next few months might find you with snow, which some dogs love, and some hate. If you have a doggo that’s not too fond of the cold, worry not, because there are many fun activities you can both do at home on cozy sundays. 

Go hiking

Let’s start with an activity for winter lovers: taking a hike. If your pup loves walking and also likes playing with the snow (or just doesn’t mind the cold), you can find some dog-friendly hiking trails for you both to do together. 

There’s nothing like exploring the world together with your best friend. If not the world, at least your town. You’re just one google search away from finding the most beautiful secret hiking trails from your own town.

Make sure to bring the essentials: lots of water, first aid kit and, of course, your pup’s favorite treats.

Snow digging

Many dogs absolutely adore digging holes in their backyard, but are often told not to do so because of the damage it can cause. If your pup is a passionate digger, then this is your opportunity to let them dig away!

Once your yard is covered with snow, encourage them to dig! They will have the time of their life and your ground will still be safe and sound. 

Hide and seek

Now we can jump into the activities that you and your pup can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Playing hide and seek is one of the funnest and easiest activities you can both do. 

Just keep Fido in another room and tell them to stay. Find a good hiding spot and let them find you! You will have a blast watching them use their snout to find your smell. 

Pro tip: leave a camera out to record this lovely moment!

You can also do so with treats, instead of yourself. Lock your pup out of a room for a few minutes. Then, chop off their favorite treats in small pieces and hide them around the room. Once everything’s ready, let them in and tell them to search. Their snout will start working and we assure you they’re going to find all of them!

Do enrichment activities

Enrichment activities are essential during the whole year, but especially when your dog isn’t having the same long walks they have in summer, spring or fall. If they spend the whole day inside the house doing nothing, they will surely get bored.

Luckily, enrichment activities are there for you, and will help you keep your dog entertained while stimulating them physically and mentally. 

Here is an article with 12 easy DIY ideas of enrichment activities you can do at home with your own pup. And don’t worry! You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying expensive puzzles and toys, you can do them with stuff you’ll definitely have at home. 


That’s right, you can spend cozy Saturday afternoons baking with your pup! Of course you are not going to prepare chocolate chip cookies or fudgy brownies. What you can do instead, is bake some of the most delicious and healthy homemade dog treats.

You will not only have a jar full of healthy treats for your dog once you’re done, but you will also have a lot of fun in the process! Fido will surely have a lick at the spoon and steal some of the most delicious ingredients while you’re doing it. 

Movie night

What’s better than having a movie marathon on a cold Friday night? Probably nothing. What is more, you can include your pup in this wonderful plan! 

Although your pup is not going to watch the movie and understand what’s happening, they will enjoy sitting on the couch with you while having a cuddling session. 

Nevertheless, some doggos enjoy watching some content on the TV, such as movies with dogs or other animals in them. 

Training sessions

One of the best ways to take advantage of time at home during winter is to make something out of it. You can dedicate some time of the day to your dog and their training sessions. 

Training is not only good for dogs because they learn to respond to commands, it’s also a great cognitive booster. 

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