5 fall activities for dogs

5 fall activities for dogs

The leaves are falling, the wind is blowing and pumpkin pies are in the making. There’s nothing like fall. We can all agree it’s one of the best seasons. It’s neither too hot, nor too cold, and the foliage is just breathtaking. How can you take advantage of this beautiful season with your dog? 

In order for you to make the best out of the season with your dog, here are 5 fall activities for dogs and humans to do together.

1. Go pumpkin picking

When you think about fall during your childhood, what’s the thing you remember to have enjoyed the most? For many of us, it was pumpkin picking. Going with our families to the most beautiful pumpkin patches, picking the biggest pumpkins and then cooking the most delicious pie at home.

Well, you can do all of that again with your dog. 

Luckily, every day there are more pet friendly places we can take our pooches, and pumpkin patches are one of them! One google search will be enough to find the best pet friendly patch near you. 

Once you’re there, you guys will be able to freely tour the patch. Pro tip: take your camera with you because there’s nothing like a pumpkin patch during fall for taking the cutest pics of your pooch. 

Obviously, you’ll also be able to pick the pumpkins your pup chooses and take them home with you. 

This activity doesn’t end at the patch, oh no. When you get home with your pumpkins and dog, you can cook some delicious pumpkin treats for them!

Once again, one google search will tell you everything you need to know about pumpkin treats, and you’ll be able to find the best recipe for your dog that only has ingredients they like.

2. Do a photoshoot

One of the best things about fall are the beautiful sceneries: the red and orange foliage covering the floor are seriously breathtaking. 

This is the absolute perfect opportunity to do the greatest photoshoot with your pooch!

Take them to a quiet place, we don’t recommend doing it on a busy street or park. Find that hidden spot that still has the beauty of fall, but without so many distractions. Use some commands such as “sit” or “lie” to keep your dog still on one spot. And then, shoot away! 

You’ll get some of the most beautiful pics of your dog, we promise.

Pro tip: take your dog’s favorite treats to the photoshoot. You will get them to look at you for sure if you are holding a treat above the camera. 

3. Go on a hike

Apart from your daily trips to the park, fall is the perfect season for going on a hike with your dog. The temperature is going down so your dog won’t suffer from the heat, but it isn’t cold yet either. It’s just the perfect temperature for hiking with your furry companion. 

Although our human nose isn’t able to perceive it, with the arrival of fall also come new and different scents. And the truth is dogs LOVE to smell new scents. They are just drawn to it. Or is my dog the only one that stops every two seconds to smell something when we go on a walk after it rains?

Such as rain and humidity enhance certain smells, fall brings new and different ones. If you go on a hike to the mountains or forest during fall, your dog will feel like they are on a sniffari! 

4. Go trick or treating

Another one of the greatest things of fall is, obviously, Halloween. Going trick or treating, eating candy, meeting up with friends, watching scary movies and enjoying the holiday are one of the best things about October 31st. 

You might be thinking “but how can I enjoy Halloween with my dog if they can’t eat candy and they certainly won’t enjoy watching a movie?”. We got you covered.

You can definitely go trick or treating with your dog. First of all, you’ll need a costume for your pooch. In this pinterest board you’ll find over 100 great ideas. For the rest, you already know the drill: knock on the door and greet the humans that open the door with a loud “trick or treat”.

If they choose trick, use your command word to make your dog do their best trick. If they choose a treat, make sure to only accept dog safe treats. 

You can also meet up with your dog’s furry friends and go trick or treating together! 

5. Go apple picking

Just as it happens with pumpkin patches, there are dog friendly apple orchards. And what screams “fall activity” more than apple picking? 

What is more, apples are great ingredients for homemade dog treats too! You’ll get to enjoy a beautiful day with your pooch in the apple orchard, and then enjoy cooking a delicious apple pie for you and some healthy treats for them. 

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