The most dog-friendly cities in the US

The most dog-friendly cities in the US

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Traveling with our pets must definitely be one of the seven wonders of the world. There’s nothing like packing a suitcase, packing up the car and knowing that you are going to be care-free for two weeks. And the best part of it is getting to share the experience with your dog.

Seeing how absolutely happy they are exploring new places is priceless. But it’s also true that traveling with pets is not always easy. Not everyone loves dogs as much as we do, and, of course, we have to respect that.

There are some cities that will not make it easy for you to visit with your pooch: they have little to no parks and almost nowhere is pet-friendly. Luckily, there is a list of cities that are known for being the most dog-friendly cities in the US, where you can happily take your pooch to and where you will both have an amazing time. 

Before we dive into it, remember that traveling is not always easy for our furry best friends. One of the best tips we can give you is giving a calming supplement to your dog before setting off. Of course, make sure to consult it with your vet first.

There are many other tips to follow before traveling with your dog either by plane or car

1. Portland, Oregon

If you are talking about dog-friendly cities in the US, then the first prize has to go to Portland, since it has the most dog-parks per capita in the US. That’s right, there’s no other city in the country that has more off-leash dog parks than Oregon. Who wouldn’t want to visit this doggie paradise? 

Some of the most known parks are Sellwood Riverfront Park and Forest Park.

What is more, Portland also has many dog-friendly hiking trails, so the most adventurous ones can go on exciting hikes. One of the best ones is the Wildwood Trail, a pathway of nothing less than 30 miles!

Needless to say, there are many dog-friendly cafes and restaurants all over the city, so you can spend some relaxing evenings too. 

2. Seattle, Washington

If you think about Seattle, then you probably can’t help but picture a city filled with doggos everywhere. And that’s because it is in fact one of the US cities with the biggest amount of pups. Seattle residents sure are dog lovers just like us!

What is more, Seattle is nothing less than the birth city of the famous Starbucks Puppucchino! 

If you are planning on visiting this furry paradise, then you must visit the Warren G. Magnuson park, since it has a specific area dedicated for doggos! There you’ll be able to let them off leash so they can mingle with some Seattle pups. 

You should also visit The Seattle Bakery, which serves the most delicious dog-friendly treats!

3. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a city loved by humans and pets. It’s a great city to visit if your wish is to do the more classical holiday activities, such as tours through the city. The Freedom Trail will give you a pretty good sense of the history of the city and will allow your dog to walk nothing less than 2.5 miles. 

You can also take your furry friend to South Boston Bark Park, Carleton Court Dog Park and Peters Park Dog Park so they can meet some Boston friends.

This outstanding city also offers a trip through the Charles River with the BHC Water Taxi that’s pet-friendly! 

4. Denver, Colorado

This gorgeous city offers a wide range of pet-friendly options. Let’s start with the over 200 public parks you can find in Denver. In these ones, you have to take your dog on-leash, but it’s still a great opportunity for them to get to know the city and smell new scents!

But wait! There are also some great dog parks where your pup can explore the world off-leash, such as Greenway Off Leash Dog Park, Lowry Dog Park and Kennedy Dog Park. 

There are many gastronomic options for you and your pup in Denver too. Make sure to visit Ugly Dog Sports Cafe, the Watering Bowl and Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard. 

5. San Francisco, California

As the best dog-friendly cities do, San Francisco has many parks where your pup can have the time of their life, such as Mission Dolores Dog Park, Marina Green, McLaren Park and Alta Plaza Off Leash Dog Park. 

What is more, in San Francisco, your pup can visit the beach! There are many specific areas that meet the sea where dogs are 100% allowed! What’s better than watching your pup meet the ocean for the first time?

And what is San Francisco without The Golden Gate Bridge? Your pooch and you can’t leave without visiting the famous walkway. Luckily, dogs are allowed on the bridge from 5pm until night, so you’ll have plenty of time!

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