Can dogs eat watermelon?

Can dogs eat watermelon?

If you ask ten people which is their favorite fruit, probably at least seven of them will say watermelon. It’s just too delicious. This absolutely aesthetic pink fruit is, apart from being mouth-watering, pretty healthy too since it’s mostly made of water. But is it healthy for our dogs too? Or is watermelon bad for dogs?

Let’s find out!

Drum Rolls please… Yes, watermelon is safe for dogs! It’s a healthy and juicy fruit that your dog will surely love. But, there are some important things you must keep in mind before feeding it to your pup. 

Health benefits of watermelon for dogs

Let’s start with the good part. As said before, watermelon is not only healthy for humans, but for dogs too. It is a rich source of:

  • Vitamin A: it maintains every organ system healthy. It aids skin health, bone growth, and boosts the immune system.
  • Vitamin C: it also boosts the immune system, while also acting as a great anti-inflammatory.
  • Vitamin B6: it plays a role in assisting hormone regulation, glucose generation, and nervous system function. It also aids in brain and body functions regulation.
  • Fiber: aids in digestion and manages a healthy weight.
  • Potassium: it regulates nerve function and promotes a healthy heart and kidney function. 

What is more, watermelon is 92% water, which means it contains very little sugar. This makes it an amazing treat for overweight pups!

Which part of the watermelon can dogs eat?

As said before, there are some things you must keep in mind before feeding watermelon to your pup. The most important one is which part of the watermelon can dogs eat. If you were wondering if dogs can eat the whole watermelon, well, the answer is no. Dogs mustn’t eat all the watermelon. 

Watermelon seeds are extremely dangerous for dogs since they can lead to intestinal blockage. This is why it is extremely important you triple check there are absolutely no seeds left when you feed watermelon to your dog. If they eat one or two, it probably won’t do them any harm. But it doesn’t take many seeds either to cause serious damage, such as intense pain and even the need of surgery. 

The rind of the watermelon is not safe for dogs either since it can lead to vomiting or diarrhea caused by gastrointestinal distress. 

How to feed watermelon to your dog?

Here comes the fun part: how to feed watermelon to a dog. It’s the moment to get as creative as possible. You can definitely come up with some amazing ideas by yourself, but you can also start with some of the ones we’re going to share with you!

Fresh chunks: 

The easiest and fastest way you can prepare watermelon for your pup is to just buy some fresh watermelon, peel it, thoroughly remove every single seed and cut it in small pieces. As simple as it sounds, your dog will love these sweet and refreshing treats!

Frozen chunks

This recipe is a life-saver for summer, it will keep your pup fresh and entertained. You just have to follow the steps of the previous idea and freeze it afterwards! In only a few hours you’ll have some delicious frozen treats ready to serve.


If your pup finds it hard to chew big treats, they will definitely love this idea. After peeling the watermelon and taking off the seeds, gently smash the watermelon until you have a soft smashed watermelon. 


This is a really creative idea that allows you to add more than just one ingredient. First, you’ll have to create the smashed watermelon. Then, mix it up with some plain greek yogurt and add one tsp. of Mokai’s super blend. Once everything’s mixed up, pour it into an ice-cube tray, freeze it for a couple of hours and you’ll have the most delicious (and super healthy) ice-creams for your pup! 

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