national dog day

National Dog Day

“No one can fully understand the meaning of love until he’s owned a dog” - Gene Hill.

On August 26th, we celebrate National Dog Day! This special day is held to show our love and appreciation to our furry best friends, those who are there through thick and thin, and simply are the most loyal companions one could ask for.

Besides, this day also helps to raise awareness of the number of yearly abandoned and rescued dogs: Approximately 600,000 dogs are euthanized every year in the USA because shelters are too full and there aren’t enough homes for them.

National Dog Day was established and founded by Collen Paige, a Pet Lifestyle Expert, Animal Rescue Advocate, and Dog Trainer who loves all animals and fights for their rights. She chose this special date because August 26th was the day her family brought her first dog (Sheltie 😊) home from a shelter.

Colleen Paige explains very clearly that NDD was founded to galvanize people to recognize the number of sheltered dogs that are rescued every year who are waiting for a family, and to support and promote the thousands of dogs that work tirelessly, day after day, to keep us safe (by detecting bombs, rescuing people, detecting cancer, covid, seizures, and the list goes on). National Dog Day celebrates all dogs, mixed breed and pure, and it’s against any breed ban.

Even though NDD is a day to enjoy with your family and spoil your pup with his favorite treats, it’s also a day to raise awareness for those who haven’t had the same luck. The idea is to spam our social networks with stories, videos, info, and pics of your pups and the unconditional love they give us, to encourage adoption and support our local shelters 😊

Dogs are always there for us, no matter what. Now it’s our time to give them something back!

If you are looking for ways to honor your pup, help a shelter, and celebrate National Dog Day, here are some ideas.

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