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7 Things Dogs Hate

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Even though we love to spoil our pups and treat them like our babies, we have to bear in mind that dogs and humans are very different species. And many of the ‘human’ behaviors we find enjoyable, dogs find annoying. Learning to know the things dogs hate, their likes and dislikes, is part of their integral care. Here are some behaviors we humans do that dogs definitely loath.

7 things dogs hate

1. Argue with someone in front of them: Dogs hate watching their owners argue. What may seem like an ordinary discussion for us or even a joke, can be very stressful and nerve-racking for our pets. Usually, dogs tend to bark incessantly when they hear you arguing with someone because they love you and they hate seeing you stressed, upset, or angry.

2. Dress them up: Dressing our dogs up in costumes for mere fun is a habit we should get rid of. Especially if we force them to wear glasses, goggles, or hats. Dogs feel highly uncomfortable when they are all dressed up: They don’t understand the purpose, they don’t find it cute or funny, they just feel super annoyed and awkward. However, some breeds may need to wear a sweater in winter, so make sure the sweater of your choice will be comfy and cozy.

3. Leave them alone too often: Dogs were born to be in packs so they don’t enjoy being left alone for long periods of time. They can even suffer from separation anxiety (destructive behavior, excessive barking, urinating, and defecating) when their owners are away for long periods. If you spend too much time away from home, you should think it twice before adopting a dog.

4. Trim their nails: Our pups don’t even like when someone touches their paws, imagine trimming their nails. It is one of the things dogs hate. However, nail-trimming is a necessary part of grooming, so specialists recommend getting your dog used to it as a puppy, to avoid any later resistance.

5. Hug them too often: We humans show our affection by hugging the ones we love. However, dogs don’t share the same love language. They show their feelings by licking you or being around you, but they definitely don’t enjoy being hugged. At least not all the time.

dog being hugged

6. Not letting them sniff and smell during their walks: We can not stress this enough. Dogs are natural hunters who need to sniff every little detail in order to know where they are at, to identify a place, and to acknowledge it. Give them the proper time and space to discover life on their own terms.

7. Loud noises: Last but not least, dogs stress severely whenever they hear loud noises. Thunderstorms, fireworks, sirens, vacuum cleaners. It makes them feel anxious and fidgety. Some dogs suffer more than others, and they may need Calming Support (it comes in Treats or Soft chews) to reduce stress and provide relief during stressful situations.

Naturally, these are standard behaviors dogs usually don't enjoy. However, all dogs are different and not all of them share the same pet peeves. Getting to know your dog, his preferences, likes, and dislikes is part of our jobs as pet parents.

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