is kelp safe for dogs

Is Kelp Safe For Dogs?

In the world of edible sea vegetables, kelp has become one of the most renowned seaweeds. What is Kelp? It is a great source of minerals and vitamins which help keep a healthy metabolism. But before giving it to our dogs, we need to ask ourselves the mandatory question: is Kelp safe for dogs?

Kelp: benefits and characteristics

‘Kelp is one of the star ingredients of Mokai’s new food additive ‘All-in-one’. It’s made of adaptogens, which stimulate dogs’ anti-depressive, anti-fatigue, and anti-age functions while enhancing their mental capacity.’

Kelp is a type of sea algae. It absorbs nutrients directly from the ocean and contains over 60 different minerals and vitamins. Plus, it is a natural source of amino acids (it has over 21), and its content is 25% protein with only 2% fat. Some of the benefits of this natural booster:

  • Helps reduce inflammation and itching, so it’s great for dogs who suffer from skin allergies.
  • Speeds up weight loss and metabolism.
  • Supports skin health, particularly in dogs with pigmentation issues.
  • Regulates the activity of the thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands.
  • Helps digestion due to its high fiber content.
  • Contains amino acids and protein which help in tissue repair.
  • Its iodine content helps with thyroid activity, speeding up weight loss and metabolism.

Besides, Kelp is one of the main ingredients of Mokai's Dental Powder, since its alginic acid reduces tartar buildup and dental plaque, and prevents gum disease.

Is kelp safe for dogs?

Kelp is a highly nutritious food that is absolutely safe for dogs. Naturally, like every other seaweed or food, it needs to be used in the right amounts. The quantity depends on your dog’s weight, age, and nutritional needs.

Even though it is a natural immune booster, you should never let your dog eat kelp directly from the beach. It can contain pollutants that can cause GI distress.

If you are looking for a natural safe way to add this sea algae to your dog’s diet, you can try our new food additive, All-in-one. It is a powerful blend of Superherbs and Mushrooms that enhance and boost dogs’ physical and cognitive capacities.

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