How to take care of your dog's health

7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Dog's Health

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Taking care of our dog’s health is a comprehensive and integral task. If you are about to become a dog parent, or if you already are but want to boost your pup’s health, this article is for you.

Many pet parents think that taking care of their dogs is feeding them and walking them twice a day. But the truth is that dog’s health goes beyond these basic chores. Don’t get me wrong: feeding and walking him are essential parts of his wellbeing, but they are not enough.

Taking good care of your dog’s health includes:


  • Provide him with a balanced diet: Many commercial foods don’t include all the nutrients your dog needs to be healthy. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fatty amino acids are essential items in his nutrition. Our Multifunctional Dog Chews have been designed to cover all your dog’s needs. They support a healthy brain, ocular, and liver function; help reduce cognitive aging and inflammation, and help maintaning a healthy immune system while processing environmental toxins. Last but not least, they enhance muscle and bone growth.

  • Stimulate him mentally: Playtime is mandatory for a dog, no matter his age: A dog is never too old to play. Dogs need mental stimulation to channel their emotions, to use up their extra energy, and to challenge themselves. Make sure to encourage playtime with toys, and mental and physical games.

  • Take care of his dental health: Providing your dog with good dental care is a must. Dental diseases are highly common in dogs. If untreated, they can cause severe damage to teeth and gums, such as tooth decay, bad breath, bloody saliva, and can even lead to more serious conditions affecting your dog’s overall health. You can use our Dental Wipes, which are made from an antibacterial and antifungal solution that keeps your pet fresh and clean while removing bacteria.

  • Groom him often: The art of grooming can improve your dog’s health. Bathing him, trimming his nails, cleaning his ears, using tick control, brushing him, and removing his tangles actually improve their life experience. Besides, you can add our Cleansing Pet Wipes to his daily routine, for a gentle and quick cleanse of his paws, face, and delicate areas.

  • Take care of his skin and coat: Skin is the largest organ of a dog's body, and as such, it's super important to provide it with the best care. Dogs' coat, which cover the skin, tends to strip by the repeated use of unsuitable products, and dogs' skin can get greasy or dehidrated. Our Omega-3 Algae Oil and Soft Chews contain a powerful blend of Omega Fatty Acids (including EPA and DHA), and provide skin and coat support making the coat softer and giving it a silky sheen. Besides, they improve overall skin health and bolster the immune system.

  • Get him yearly vaccinated: Naturally, the first months of your dogs’ life are crucial regarding vaccination. However, once they become adults, they still need to get vaccinated, and what's more, yearly vaccines must be applied: DHPP (vaccines for influenza, distemper, hepatitis, and parvovirus), and Rabies are two of them. Check your pup’s calendar and discuss it with your vet.

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