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How To Use A Liquid Dog Ear Cleaner?



Wanting to help our dogs and not knowing how is exasperating. We want to be the best owners and become the best care providers, but sometimes we don’t know how. In this article, we are going to break down the use of liquid dog ear cleaner for you to become the best ear cleaner applier in town.


Why would I need a natural ear cleaner for dogs?


Why is it so important to clean our dogs’ ears regularly? Well, due to the L-shaped external canal of dogs’ ears, it is highly unlikely that the material trapped within their ears can be expelled naturally and with no help. If it is not removed, that material can lead to infections and itchiness, which can be both dangerous and annoying to dogs.


Mokai's Ear Cleaner Alcohol-free Formula fights ear infections, and itchiness while providing a gently clean of the ear canal.


How to use a liquid dog ear cleaner: 5 simple steps


  • Use a gentle approach. This is the moment to unleash your creativity: use licking treats, positive training, chewable toys, or anything you can think of. Make sure your dog experience this stressful moment as fun.
  • Only clean the outer ear. The floppy ears of a Beagle, the bat ears of a Bulldog, and the stiff ears of a Shepherd have all something in common: A vertical and horizontal canal. All dogs’ ears are alike, and in order to clean them properly, you should always stick to the outer vertical canal.
  • Hold the ear flap up and fill the canal with Mokai’s ear cleaner. Squeeze the bottle between 3 to 5 seconds into the canal, apply the liquid dog ear cleaner gently, and let it act. There is no need to repeat the action if your dog moves, he will only shake the excess off.
  • Massage the base of the ear with your hands. It’s important to do it gently since the ear canal is very sensitive.
  • Use cotton rounds. If you still notice wax outside the external ear canal, you can use cotton rounds to clean the extra debris after the ear cleaner has been applied.


Ear cleaned Dog


3 things you should avoid in dog ear infection treatment


  • Never use oil or shampoo to clean your pup’s ears. These products have not been specially designed to reach that delicate area.
  • When bathing your pup, don’t soak his ears. Water can damage them severely.
  • Never use cotton swabs. Just like in humans, swabs can perforate the eardrum, and even generate trauma.


If your dog’s ears are inflamed, sored, or red, don’t do any cleaning. You should contact your vet asap to check everything is okay.



Photo by Alexandra Novitskaya on Unsplash


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