Dog scared of thunderstorms

Dogs And Thunderstorms: Why Are Dogs Scared Of Thunder?

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It’s Friday night. You are all dressed up, ready to leave your house, when it suddenly starts pouring down. You look at your pup and you think ‘not again’, his face of terror breaks your heart. And the cruel reality hits you in the face, you look at yourself and decide it’s time to put your sweats on. Your plan is officially off.

If this scenario looks familiar to you… you might want to read this blog and find out: why are dogs scared of thunderstorms and how does it get better?

Dogs and thunderstorms

Better known as Astraphobia, thunder phobia is characterized by an intense fear of loud noises in the environment. Thunderstorms can be quite scary for our pets since they can’t identify what those striking loud noises are. In addition to that, the unpredictability of those noises, together with the flashes of lightning, can trigger our pups severely.

How to help your dog during thunderstorms

  • Create a relaxing atmosphere: As soon as it starts raining, take your dog to the quietest place of the house, put on some chill music to compensate for the loud noises, and lay down with him.

  • Don’t act worried: Your pup knows you very well and it’s very easy for him to tell when something is going on. If your dog notices you are acting differently, he might even get more upset. So, try to stay calm and act normal.

  • Get him calming support: If you know your dog suffers from thunder phobia, you need to be prepared beforehand. Calming support can make a real difference in their well-being: It can help relax their muscles while reducing stress and anxiety. At Mokai, you can choose between Hemp Calming Treats, made with cbd for dogs, and Natural Chews For Dogs, to help them deal with thunderstorms. You might be wondering if hemp calming treats are safe for dogs, and the answer is absolutely!

  • Use pressure wraps: You can use bandages that apply pressure throughout your dog’s body to help alleviate anxiety. Together with calming support, they provide comfort and can be very helpful during different stressful situations.

Prepare an anxiety-free kit.


Last but not least, storms are sometimes unpredictable, so you need to be prepared to help your dog. If there is a storm coming and you know you won’t be home, here are some things you can do:

  • Leave the TV on to compensate for loud noises.
  • Leave chewable toys for him to get entertained while you are gone.
  • Get him pressure wraps for him to feel secure (You can also DIY)
  • Make sure you close every window in your house, dogs can run away during stressful situations.
  • Get him hemp calming treats.

Our dog’s mental health is just as important as their physical health. Dogs who suffer from anxiety can experience severe stress, and helping them to get through thunderstorms with as little discomfort as possible is our responsibility as pet parents.

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