dogs and cats living together

Dogs And Cats Living Together

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Under the same roof: dogs and cats living together

The claimed rivalry between dogs and cats has existed for decades. Phrases like ‘they fight like cats and dogs’ or one of the most famous lines of Ghostbusters ‘Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!’ were seeded in our heads and the idea of having a dog and a cat under the same roof was clearly not the best. But truth is, dogs and cats getting along is not a pipe dream.

Yes, dogs and cats can get in fights. If you are pet-parent to a dog or a cat, you probably already noticed how upset they can get when they see their counterpart. However, that is not the case when they live under the same roof.

Keys to a peaceful and friendly living

If you are a dog parent looking to add a kitten to your family, or vice versa, these tips can make a significant difference in your first experience of dogs and cats living together.

  • Be present in their first interactions: During, at least, the first month of introducing each other, make sure to be there to supervise the situation. The new family member needs to settle, and the old family member may not be super happy with the addition.
  • Set specific areas for each pet: Both pets should always feel secure and at home. Providing specific areas for eating and resting will give both of them the confidence to feel relaxed until they can let their guards off.
  • Separate their bowls: Every pet should have its own food and water bowl since sharing them could lead to a fight. Don’t let your cat sniff on your dog’s bowl of food or vice versa.
  • Don’t leave them together unsupervised: Until they get along, when you leave your house, your dog and cat should be separated in different rooms or with a resistant barrier.
  • Change of smells: In order to become family, they need to stop being strangers and get acquainted with each other. You should make sure they recognize each other’s scents and smells. And how do you do that? Simple by swapping their beds, blankets, and toys.
  • Don’t force interactions: Dogs and cats are super intelligent animals who act cautiously. Respect the time they need to become friends.

Making a cat and a dog get along is not the easiest job on earth, but it definitely pays off. It may take them some time to get acquainted with each other, but once they do it, I assure you they will become inseparable friends.

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