active dog breeds

Active Dog Breeds

Getting a life companion is an important decision that requires a lot of thought and research. Before adopting a dog, it’s necessary to get acquainted with its breed characteristics, needs, and traits, to make sure your new pup is a great match with your personality and lifestyle.

High-energy active dogs need more active care. They need to be walked more often, spend more time outside, play games, and use up all their energy. Besides, high-energy breeds tend to be people-oriented, so usually they have problems being left alone, and hence, they can develop some separation anxiety. But don’t panic, Mokai’s Calming Support is the real deal when treating anxiety. It has been formulated for dogs with hyperactivity, to provide calmness during stressful situations, while using only natural ingredients.

High-energy breeds

Russel terriers: They are very intelligent dogs that can be trained easily. Their energy is limitless and they seem to always have room for more. You’ll probably see them running through your house, barking and chewing. They are good with grown-up kids, since small kids may find this breed a little overwhelming.

Golden and Labrador retrievers: They are one of the friendliest breeds. Devoted to their owners, loyal, kind, and smart. This breed is an excellent family companion since it’s great with kids and other dogs. The only downside is that Retrievers don’t like being left alone for long periods of time, so they might develop some separation anxiety.

Siberian Huskies: Unlike Retrievers, Huskies are very independent dogs; they are super affectionate but they don’t need to follow you around. Besides, they need very little to survive: small quantities of food and a place to sleep. Yet, being so independent makes them a bit stubborn and hard to train.

Australian Shepherds: Aussies enjoy spending time outside, exploring with their owners, and discovering new places. They are people-oriented dogs and they tend to herd family members, children, and even neighbors. Besides, they are super alert dogs that need to be trained properly, otherwise, they can bark incessantly and get really anxious.

Beagles: Active, friendly, and curious. This breed is generally good with kids and other dogs. However, they can be difficult to train, and due to their high-level energy, they can bark excessively.

Dalmatian: These highly energetic dogs are smart and need much more exercise than the regular 2 walks per day. They are loyal to their family, but they can expose some nervousness around strangers and other dogs. Last but not least, they need to have a place to run and use all their energy, so, they are not suitable for apartments.

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