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Dog Cologne: Yes Or No?

Snuggling our dogs on a lazy Sunday afternoon is what we live for, right? However, dogs go barefoot, smell and roll on other dogs’ poops, and constantly lick themselves. So, naturally, they don’t smell like roses all the time. Dogs have a natural smell that can sometimes, due to certain activities, get a little intense. Even though bathing is one of the ways in which we get rid of our dog’s smell, increasing their frequency sometimes is not the best solution: it can strip dogs’ coats, dehydrate their skin, and eliminate their natural oils.

The straight answer is yes. Many people think that colognes can cause dehydration and irritation, so they choose to bathe their pups more often instead. However, using cologne specially designed for dogs can make your pup smell better without causing any real damage to their skin and fur. Besides, it is a quick solution that you can implement on your pouch’s daily grooming routine.

Before choosing the right cologne for your dog, here are some things you should take into account:

  • Water-based: Fragrances need to be water-based in order to avoid irritations, allergies, and skin damages.

  • Hypoallergenic: Dogs’ skin is very sensitive, so the ingredients in dog cologne need to be hypoallergenic in order to avoid damaging and drying the skin.

  • All-natural: We want to give our dogs the best care without compromising their health and wild nature. Always check the cologne ingredients beforehand, to make sure you are not spraying your pup with toxic chemicals.

Never use human perfume in your dog! It contains chemicals and substances that can dehydrate your dog’s skin and irritate it severely. Besides, dogs can end up licking it, so it can be toxic to their health.

At Mokai, our Pet Cologne and Body Spray is water-based and made of all-natural ingredients. Our sweet-pea and vanilla infusion has been specially designed for pets with sensitive skin, providing a long-lasting scent. You can use it as often as necessary: in between baths or after baths.

Besides, we also have a line of Antiseptic Care, specially designed for dogs who have dermatological conditions responsive to antibacterial and antifungal formulas.

Getting to know your dog’s needs, requirements, and characteristics is essential to providing them with the best care. Every dog is unique, and that is what makes them so special.

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