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15 Most Obedient Dog Breeds List

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Being a pet parent to a dog is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. However, when your dog doesn’t exactly follow your co-habitation rules and starts disobeying, living with a pet can get a little bit uphill. In this article, we are going to go over the most obedient dog breeds.

Before adopting a dog, it’s important to take a few days to assess your needs and possibilities (as well as those of all the members of your household) and determine the kind of dog you are looking for. If you have outdoor space or you live in a small apartment; if you are home or at work most of the time; if you have children, spouse, or if you are going to be a single pet-parent.

There are many things to take into account, and every pet-parent will make their own list of priorities, but for most families, a requirement that must be in the first part of the list is obedience.

Through this shortlist, we are going to present you with 15 of the most obedient dog breeds.

1. Border Collie: Energetic, hard worker, obedient, and a super quick learner. They’re one of the most intelligent dog breeds ever but they need constant stimulation, otherwise, they get bored easily.

2. Poodle: Intelligent, owner devoted, and eager learners. (And, what’s more, they don’t shed!). They are obedient and very smart, so these characteristics make them highly trainable.

3. German Shepherd: They are the second most popular breed in America for a reason: They are calm, protective, intelligent, and very easy to train.

4. Labrador/Golden Retriever: Gentle, smart, and friendly, Labradors and Goldens are one of the most obedient dog breeds and are often selected as Service dogs, for their unique personality traits.

5. Flat-coated Retriever: They are sociable, loving towards all people, and willing to please and learn.

6. Rottweiler: Loyal, obedient, easy to train, and fast learners. They are also very calm and courageous.

7. English Springer Spaniel: Highly energetic dogs who are eager to please their owners, and really enjoy having a job assigned.

8. Doberman Pinscher: They are smart dogs who adapt easily to different situations. Protective and guardians, Dobermans are often stereotyped as aggressive, but they are gentle and friendly if trained properly.

9. Schnauzer: Extremely intelligent dogs who are also very loyal, territorial, and protective. Besides, they are quick learners and eager pleasers, which makes them great service dogs.

10. Pointer: Independent, energetic, and trainable. They are natural hunters, but they are usually calm, patient, and obedient at home.

11. Cocker Spaniel: Playful, alert, affectionate, trainable, and friendly. It’s an ideal breed for kids.

12. Weimaraner: They are a very active breed, who are great with kids, protective, and eager learners.

13. Bernese Mountain Dog: They are extremely intelligent dogs who respond very well to positive reinforcement.

14. Belgian Sheepdog: Highly trainable, versatile, and intelligent. They are also super alert, devoted to their owners, and very protective. They also have a strong desire to be around people.

15. Havanese: Friendly small breed who adapts to different situations and is easy to train.

Even though there are breeds more obedient than others, all dogs are intelligent animals who can be trained if done properly, even if it takes a bit more time and patience.

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