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Velcro Dog: 3 Signs To Tell If You Have One At Home

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A Velcro dog is a dog who follows you everywhere, as simple as that. You go to your bedroom and he follows you immediately; you go to the bathroom and he waits outside still; you forgot something on your desk, you get up to grab it, and he will go after you even if it’s just for a second. Sounds familiar? Keep reading the article!

Signs you have a Velcro dog

Now you know what is a Velcro dog, it’s time to identify if you have one at home.

  • He is constantly beside you: The definition of Velcro dogs is that they want to be as close as possible to their owners. So, if you move from one room to another, he will follow you, literally, ‘like a dog’.

  • He leans on you: Being in the same room is not enough for Velcro dogs. If you both are in a big room, he will make sure to stay as close to you as possible. He may even lean against you to be in close contact.
  • He anticipates your moves: He is so alert that he seems to anticipate your actions. He is carefully watching every inch of movement you make. Like the song goes: “Every move you make, every step you take, I’ll be watching you”, he is constantly monitoring you, afraid of missing anything.

The reason behind Velcro Dogs

There are many different reasons for a dog to become needy.

- It is more likely to happen to rescued dogs since they have already been abandoned once, so they are afraid of being left alone.
- It can also happen out of boredom. Understimulated dogs tend to follow their owners everywhere just because they have nothing better to do.
- Medical conditions can make dogs clingy, especially if they have lost their sight or hearing as a result. In this case, dogs can be using your voice and presence as guidance.

Any dog can develop Velcro behavior, but there are certain breeds more prone to it. Chihuahua, German Sheperd, Golden Retriever, Pug, Maltese, Australian Sheperd, and Great Dane, to name a few.

Do Velcro Dogs suffer from separation anxiety?

The behavior of Velcro dogs and dogs who suffer from separation anxiety can be quite similar. However, there is one thing that tells these two behaviors apart. Dogs who have Velcro syndrome want to stay close to you when you are home, but watching you leave is not an issue. Quite the opposite, dogs who suffer from separation anxiety get really upset only when you leave.

Even though these are two different syndromes, dogs with separation anxiety almost certainly develop Velcro behavior. However, it doesn’t work the other way around: Velcro dogs don’t necessarily suffer from separation anxiety.

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