gifts for dog lovers

11 Gifts For Dog Lovers

You know that dog lover who spends their days covered in hair, who has to mute their zoom meetings when dogs are barking in the background, who shows you a million pics of their pups, and who runs back home every time a storm is coming to stay with their pups. We all have at least one dog lover around, and if you’re not sure who it is, then you’re probably the one.

Pawrfect Gifts For Dog Lovers

Christmas is around the corner, and on this special occasion, we’ve come up with a list of 11 gifts, specially designed to surprise those you love and their best-furry friend.

Mug with the face of their furry BFF. There is nothing like taking a sip of coffee every day while looking at your bestie. Bottoms up!

Puzzle. Making a puzzle can be nerve-racking, but what if instead of a landscape you have to put together your pup’s face?

Toys. Dogs need to be mentally engaged in order to stay stimulated, so a toy to entertain them is always a good idea.

Painting. Many artists are now expanding their horizons and portraying pets of all kinds, and this trend couldn’t be cuter. As parents have photos of their children, we, pet parents, have portraits of our furry babies.

Led dog collar. This is one of the greatest gifts for dog lovers who enjoy going on walks at night with their pups. Led dog collars allow you to track your pup easily.

gifts for dog lovers

Dog chews. Giving a pet parent a present to improve their furry child’s health is a great sign of love. Mokai’s multifunctional dog chews contain superfoods, adaptogens, and probiotics that will help boost their overall quality of life. Plus! You can always give a gift card that gives the gift of health and love!

Anxiety toys. Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, so it might be a good idea to help them ease it with an engaging toy like kongs, twist and treat, interactive puzzles, etc.

Elevated dog bowl: A personalized dog bowl with fido’s name on it is a great gift, but if you add elevation, it’s the perfect gift. A bowl stand will not only help pup posture and prevent strain on the neck, shoulders, and hips but it will also help with swallowing.

Keyrings or Magnets: If you are on a budget but still looking for a small customized present, this is it. Keyrings or magnets are the perfect gifts for every dog lover who wants to take their dog with them.

Automatic ball launcher: Ideal for dogs who have limitless energy, and for those pet parents who don’t have the time or vitality to play fetch with their pups

Dog stocking: The family tradition of the holidays wouldn’t be complete without a custom-made stocking for our furry BFFs. You can fill it with healthy dog chews, toys, tennis balls, etc.

Giving a dog parent a gift for their barking child is the best way to show love 😊

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