Dental wipes for dogs
Dental wipes for dogs
Dental wipes for dogs
Dental wipes for dogs
tooth wipes for dogs
tooth wipes for dogs
tooth wipes for dogs
teeth wipes for dogs
teeth wipes for dogs
dog dental wipes
dog dental wipes
dog dental wipes
doggie dental wipes

Dental Wipes For Dogs

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Reduces plaque, tartar build-up and calculus
Help reduce bacteria that cause bad breath
Prevents gum disease and tooth decay

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Meadow Thorne
seeing results on sphynx quickly who can't go under for cleaning bad teeth at 3 years old

Andre is my service cat a very rare intact male calico sphynx Unfortunately he does carry the trait of bad teeth and a heart murmur so we cannot put him Under anesthesia so we tried this along with an additive in our water after seeing vet. I am so happy to announce that I'm seeing super quick results even though I didn't remember every day I am now because it's working. I remember to wipe every day and it's quite easy to do the front teeth to do the back teeth is a trick let the wipe do the work for you folded in half and push it in the back of their mouth they will chew on it maybe gag gets the back teeth without hurting you . I am using it on his son as a preventative and the serval kitten even n my kinkajou raccoon now for teeth or desensitization reasons it Life saver litterly saving my cat from bad teeth n more heart issues even teeth are ao important.

Easy to use. Acceptable to the dog.

No particular fragrance. Easy to use to swab doggie’s teeth and gums with the chlorhexidine. Less invasive than a toothbrush, which he rejects, so far.

Spiders 🕷 in packaging!!!! Wipes seem okay.

The product is good but upon opening the completely sealed package 2 spiders ran out and one was smashed on the jar. I’m guessing this is a warehouse issue. Needs to be fixed.

What happened?

I've been buying these for years. Just opened this new container, and instead being white, the wipes appear to be moldy and they smell terrible.☹️

Quyen PhamQuyen Pham
Works great just as described by many of my friends.

There’s no dislike. Easier than using a toothbrush 🪥 and I can use it whenever without hurting their gums.

Amanda WamplerAmanda Wampler

My German Shepard doesn’t mind these wipes at all. So much easier than brushing. I love how it is MESS FREE! And so SIMPLE to use. I will definitely buy these again. Also, my small dog and cat didn’t mind these either. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY AROUND. ✨✨✨✨✨

Easy and effective!!

Our dog hates having his teeth brushed. But these wipes were amazing!!! He sat while I wiped down his teeth, and they already look way better. They smell nice and minty and apparently are tasty enough for the pup to put up with! So easy!

Best Dental Wipes For Dogs

Our dental wipes for dogs are vet formulated with antimicrobial and anti-fungal activities that reduce plaque, dental calculus, tartar build-up, and bad breath in dogs making them among the best dog dental cleaning supplies for dogs. Did you know that 80% of dogs will suffer from dental disease by the age of 2? Dog dental care is an essential part of their overall health and by using our dog teeth wipes, you will help prevent painful dental diseases and improve your dog's dental health. Our dental wipes for dogs make it easy to implement dog dental cleaning into your dog's daily hygiene. Unlike dog toothbrushes, which can be painful, or dog dental chews, which can be unhealthy, our dog teeth wipes will easily remove bacteria with one swipe making them ideal solutions for your dog's daily dental hygiene

Additional Information

Our deep cleaning teeth wipes are designed to remove the film that builds up on tooth surfaces and to fight dog dental issues. They are recommended for dogs and cats. They are teeth whitening, contribute to dental care, and avoid bad breath in dogs. Clean your dog with a dental wipe to ensure his dental care.

Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes. If eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a veterinarian. If undue skin irritation develops or increases, discontinue use and consult a veterinarian.

Cautions:  Keep out of the reach of children. Store at room temperature.

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