Everyday Grooming

Keep your pet fresh and clean everyday!  Grooming supplies with soothing and cleasing benefits that reduce your pet’s risk of developing painful health conditions by maintaining a good hygiene. 


how to wash a dog bed

How To Wash A Dog Bed

Dogs are instinctive animals who like to roll around in the mud, garbage, and sometimes, feces, and their beds are usually a reflection of it.

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why do dogs eat poop

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Eating poop is an awkward but common behavior many dogs have. Why do dogs eat poop? Dogs eating poop, scientifically known as canine conspecific coprophagy,

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dog cologne

Dog Cologne: Yes Or No?

Snuggling our dogs on a lazy Sunday afternoon is what we live for, right? However, dogs go barefoot, smell and roll on other dogs’ poops,

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dog dewclaws

Dog dewclaws

If you’ve ever paid attention to your dog’s paws, then you’ve probably noticed that apart from their main claws, they have a small protuberance on

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puppy grooming

Puppy Grooming

Puppies are a whole different breed, and therefore, puppy grooming is as well. If you have had a dog before, and you think you might

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