Energy and Vitality

Food gives dogs the energy needed to wag their tails, live a happy and healthy life. But often our dog’s nutrition has some gaps in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, aminos, or omegas, which are all essential for our pet’s wellbeing.  Our pet health supplements are formulated by vets to ensure all your dog’s needs are covered.


spirulina for dogs

Spirulina For Dogs

Superfoods have become a worldwide trend over the last decades. The name speaks for itself: A SUPER food (unless you are thinking of veggie with

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vitamin A for dogs

Vitamin A For Dogs

Dogs need different vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to stay healthy. Usually, when we buy their food, we think it has all their needs covered.

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arthritis in dogs

Arthritis In Dogs

According to CARE (Canine Arthritis Resources and Education), arthritis is the number one cause of chronic pain in dogs. At least 1 out of 5

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why is my dog not eating

Why Is My Dog Not Eating?

‘Why is my dog not eating?’ is a frequent question among pet parents. Dogs’ appetites, just like humans’, can vary depending on diverse factors. Thus,

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do dogs dream

Do Dogs Dream?

Usually, when our dogs are sleeping, they make these cute weird sounds, twitch, and they move their front and hind paws repeatedly as if they

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