Why is my dog so thirsty?

Thirsty Dogs: Why Is My Dog Drinking So Much Water?

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You are lying on the couch at night, watching a movie, and suddenly you hear that annoying yet familiar sound: your thirsty dog is drinking water from the toilet, again! Rapidly, you grab his bowl and fill it up with water, while you immediately watch him drink the whole bowl in just a few seconds. So, you think ‘Why is my dog so thirsty all of a sudden? Is he sick?’

How much water does my dog need?

Like every other being on planet earth, dogs need water to survive. However, they sometimes appear to be thirsty out of nowhere. So first we need to ask ourselves: Are we giving our pups enough water?

First things first, let’s start answering this important question. Most owners are used to pouring water when requested by their dogs’. However, that is not how it works. Every dog needs a different amount of water, depending on their size, age, health, and type of food they eat.

According to specialists, as a general rule, dogs need to drink an ounce of water per pound of weight daily. This means that if your dog is 15 pounds, he will need to drink almost 2 cups of water per day (approximately two bowls, depending on the size).

It’s important to know your pet’s needs since some dogs are naturally more eager drinkers than others. However, you need to pay special attention if your dog’s water demands change. If you are pouring enough water, but your dog keeps surprisingly thirsty, other factors can be involved.

Why is my dog so thirsty?

  • Too much exercise: Just like people sweat in their spinning class, dogs sweat when they exercise. The only difference is you can’t see it. If you are giving him long strenuous daily walks, it’s completely normal for his liquid intake to increase.

  • Weather: Especially these days that the weather is warmer, dogs definitely need to drink more water to avoid dehydration, simply because they are sweating more.

  • Health conditions: Diabetes, kidney or bladder disease, hormonal imbalances. These conditions can cause an increase or decrease of daily water intake in dogs. Besides, if your dog is taking medications, these can also increase the urge to drink water and urinate.

  • Infections: UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) can cause excessive urination, due to excessive drinking. They are more common in older dogs because they tend to have less control of their bladders.

To conclude, never restrict your dog’s access to water! Even if it seems too much. Dogs will drink when they are thirsty, so you need to respect that. Otherwise, it can lead to dehydration.

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