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Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds?

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Why do dogs scratch their beds?

It’s 1 am. You are finally starting to fall asleep after a long and strenuous day of work when you hear that annoying sound. Yes, your dog is scratching his bed furiously and incessantly, AGAIN. Now, fully awake and conscious, you start thinking: ‘Is he uncomfortable? Should I buy another bed for him?’ If you can relate, before taking any hasty midnight decision, read this blog and find out why dogs scratch their beds and how to make it better.

Reasons why do dogs scratch their beds

Scratching their bed and circling before lying down is a natural instinct almost every dog has. There are several reasons why a dog might be circling around his bed before sleeping. Why do dogs scratch their beds?

  • To mark the territory: Dogs’ ancestors used to live in the wild, so even though our pups have always slept in a warm bed, they still carry the instinct of marking their territory on their DNA. Dog’s paw pads have scent glands, so they will scratch their beds to spread their smell and mark them as their own.
  • To get comfortable: This usually happens with stuffed pillows or beds. Due to its continuous use, the bed surface might start to feel uneven, so your pup will try to even it out with his paws to feel comfy.
  • To release anxiety: Dogs can feel anxious for different reasons. Lack of exercise or mental stimulation, loud noises, and separation anxiety, among others. He might be trying to release that anxiety by scratching his bed. If your dog suffers from anxiety, you can give him Calming Support to treat hyperactivity, insomnia, and restlessness.

  • To cool down: Dogs sweat through their paws, so especially in summer, they can scratch and dig their beds looking to cool down.

If my dog is scratching his bed, should I stop him?

Scratching their beds is perfectly normal and does not constitute a dangerous practice. However, its noise can be a little annoying (especially when you are trying to sleep), and what’s more, while scratching and digging his bed, your pup can tear it up.

To make it better, you can:

  • Trim his nails: Short nails will avoid bed rupture, or at least, won’t do as much harm as long nails.
  • Give him Calming support: Mokai’s Soft Chews or Treats can calm your dog down and treat restlessness.
  • Change his bed place: Try to move your dog’s bed to a more private area, to avoid having that scratching noise next to your head.

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