Where should dogs sleep at night?

Where should dogs sleep at night?

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Whenever a puppy arrives at their new permanent home, their family can’t help but wonder about one particular question “where should our puppy sleep at night?”. And let’s be honest, it’s pretty common that not every family member sees eye to eye on this one. 

Some dream of cuddling every night with their pup in bed and some find this habit awfully disturbing. Some might vote for a puppy sleeping in their own personal bed, and some might be up for a crate

But, are any of these ways better than the other one? Is there a right place where dogs should sleep at night? 

The truth is there isn’t only one place where dogs should sleep at night. Each and every one of the options mentioned above has its own benefits and limitations. And what’s more relevant, every pup is unique and has its own preferences and needs. 

Nevertheless, we are going to go through the main options of where dogs can sleep at night and mention its benefits, but always keep in mind that it’s your job to find the best option for you and your dog.

Where do dogs sleep at night?

Before jumping into the benefits of the different places dogs can sleep at night, let’s review the results of a survey carried out by the American Kennel Club. They aimed to figure out which was the prevailing place where dogs sleep at night. And the results are quite interesting.

Luckily, the AKC found out that only 4% of the participants let their dogs sleep outside, more specifically, in an outdoor shelter. Having a dog sleep outside is probably not the best option for them.

First of all, a dog will likely want to sleep at least in the same house as their family. Picture this: you’re all cozy in bed watching a movie before going to sleep, and your pup is outside, wishing they were with you. 

What is more, sleeping outside can represent severe risks for your dog, such as extreme temperatures, bad weather conditions and security. Imagine waking up to your dog all wet because it rained during the night, or, even worse, to your dog having escaped through a hole in the fence.

Surprisingly, only 17% of the participants use dog beds for their pups. Using crates for bedtime was more popular among the dog owners that took part in the survey, more specifically, 20% of them use this method.

The top one was *drum rolls* the bed. That’s right, the majority of participants, 45%, let their pooch sleep in their own bed with them. 

The remaining 14% of pet parents claimed that their dog sleeps in different spots around the house.

Different places where dogs can sleep at night

Now that we have had a first impression of where most pet parents tend to let their dogs sleep at night, we can go into detail of each one of them. 

In bed

As seen in the survey made by the AKC, having your dog sleep in bed with you is one of the most common choices pet parents usually go for. And this is not surprising at all, because, let’s face it, we all love cuddling with our dogs.

Having our pups smooch in with us at night is priceless, and to your surprise, it also has some great benefits. First of all, sleeping in bed with your dog can really help you to bond and grow closer together. What is more, having your furry best friend next to you at night can also help you relax and have a better night's sleep. 

Nevertheless, it can also have some downsides. Some dogs have some trouble jumping in and out of bed due to joint pain, which can make it hard for them to sleep with you. If this is the case of your pup, maybe the best option for them is to have a ramp or just sleep in their own bed. As said before, each dog is unique and has its own needs and preferences. 

PRO TIP: if your pup suffers from joint pain, one of the best things you can do is give them daily joint supplements. 

Another downside of letting your dog sleep in your bed is, of course, hair. Many pet parents don’t seem to have a problem with it, but others do, and it’s totally okay! Having your white sheets covered with a thin layer of fur might not be so appealing.

One last downside of sleeping with your dog in bed comes when you have a big doggo, since they can take up a lot of space. And they surely will not move because you tell them so. 

In their own bed

Having your dog sleep in their own bed at night is also a great option. Dogs tend to love having a space they can call their own. Even if your pooch doesn’t have their own bed, they have probably made a spot of their house their own due to this same reason. 

You don’t have to spend much money on a bed, even an old fluffy blanket can act as a great loving bed for your dog.  

What is more, having their own bed can really help them through situations such as moving or going on holiday. If you take their bed with them, they will find comfort and peace in it. 

In a crate

Having your dog sleep in a crate is a good option if you are doing crate training. Of course, this depends on each pet parent and their decision on how to train their puppy. If you are planning on following this method, you should definitely inform yourself on how to do it successfully so it has the most benefits for both you and your pup. 

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