what can I give my dog for pain

What Can I Give My Dog For Pain?

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Watching our dogs suffer is devastating. Nothing compares to that feeling of desperation when you see your dog feeling sick, in pain, or scared, and there is nothing you can do to fix it, and you wonder, what can I give my dog for pain?

Naturally, dogs have different sources of pain. Joint mobility problems, emotional disorders, GI issues, auto-immune diseases, and the list goes on. Dogs can experience physical and emotional issues that make them suffer. These conditions have one thing in common: they cause pain. Luckily, there is a solution. Pain can be treated with Natural Calming Support.

Dogs communicate their discomfort through their body language. Pay special attention if your dog:

  • Shows reluctant to walk
  • Appears to be sensitive to touch
  • Stops eating
  • Presents an increased heart rate

What can I give my dog for pain? Cbd dog treats

CBD is one of the best organic and natural solutions to dog pain. However, many people have concerns when it comes to giving it to their dogs. CBD (a.k.a. cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive chemical. Even though CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, it doesn’t have the active component to get your dog ‘high’. So, when giving your dog CBD treats, you are providing him with all its calming effects, without any risk.

Some pain meds for dogs like NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can also help treat pain, but they come with many undesired side effects.

what can I give my dog for pain

Hemp calming treats have multiple benefits:

  • Can relieve physical pain: CBD helps your dog feel less physical pain. Some people think it is just for anxiety or mental disorders, but it definitely helps to deal with physical discomfort as well. Besides, it soothes pain, relaxes and smooths muscles, promotes a proper function of the brain, and alleviates symptoms resulting from chronic diseases, to name some of its benefits. You can read more in our blog about CBD for dogs: Everything you need to know.

  • Help deal with anxiety: Dogs can stress due to many reasons. Movings, traveling, fireworks, loud noises, etc. CBD helps your dog feel chilled and relaxed during these situations that escape your control.

  • Can help with hyperactivity: Some dogs suffer from insomnia, separation anxiety, destructive behavior, or excessive barking. Even though these conditions are not so severe, can be very upsetting for dogs and owners as well.

  • Help treat chronic inflammation: CBD has a very strong anti-inflammatory effect, and it increases the production of anandamide, a chemical that reduces the pain sensation in the brain. This chemical can be helpful for arthritis and joint pain, conditions where inflammation is the main contributor to pain. Plus, you can supplement your dog with our Max Strength Glucosamine Chews, which will help your dog improve his mobility and reduce pain.

  • Reduce gastrointestinal diseases: This chemical is also used to treat nauseas, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach irritation, and to improve digestion.

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