Moving with a dog

Moving With A Dog

Moving is a stressful situation for everyone: parents, kids, couples, and definitely, dogs! When moving with a dog, they can undergo a lot of stress during this process, and develop separation anxiety, destructive chewing, or excessive barking.

Tips for moving with a dog

During the moving day, leave your dog with someone else: Moving can be exhausting emotionally and physically. If possible, leave your dog with another person for the day. This will prevent your dog from seeing all the packing and lifting, seeing you move from one place to another, and eventually stressing him out.

Give him calming support: Moving can affect your dog emotionally. You can help him deal with this stressful situation by providing him functional dog treats that serve as calming hemp support. At MOKAI’s, we have hemp soft chews and treats specially designed to reduce the anxiety of your dog’s brain, they’re made with all-natural ingredients (you can read more about it on our blog about CBD for dogs).

'Moving with a dog is a stressful situation. MOKAI's hemp calming support can help your dog undergo this rough patch. It provides relief and reduces the anxiety of your dog's brain'

Find a new vet: if possible, do it before moving to your new neighborhood. Even if you decide to stick to your former vet, it’s important for you to know all the options this new place has to offer, just in case of an emergency, you know where to go.

Give him extra attention: Dogs can’t reason, so they are as stressed as you are, but without having any idea of what’s going on. Give him all the love and attention you can to make him feel included throughout the process.

Keep a routine and try to stick to it: You’ll probably have a lot of work to do, and it may take you a while to put everything together, but take time for your pup. Dogs find routines reassuring and they need to get used to their new ones to feel safe and confident.

Set up your dog’s space as soon as you get there: Place his blankie or bed in a room or corner as soon as you get to the new house. This way, he will acknowledge immediately where his place is and will feel at home sooner than later.

Put his things in a handy place: Moving days can be a little messy, so it’s very common to lose track of important things. Make sure to set your pup’s bowls and toys apart to have immediate access to them.

Our dogs’ emotional needs are just as important as their physical needs, and taking care of them is our job. Yes, cuddling with your dog at night, walking him to the park, and playing around with him is nice, but it’s only one part of the job. Providing them the best care and being there for them during stressful situations is what makes you family.

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