how to take care of a rescued dog

How To Take Care Of A Rescued Dog

Rescuing a dog is a wonderful and rewarding experience and a selfless act of love and kindness. However, it is not an easy task. Taking good care of a rescued dog requires previous planning, time, patience, and knowledge.

how to take care of a rescued dog

Rescued dogs

Specialists refer to the first two weeks of a dog in a new home as ‘the detox period'. Rescued dogs need some time to adjust themselves to a new place. Usually, we don’t know how their previous lives have been, and they may have some behavioral issues or medical conditions that we need to find out. Besides, dogs coming from shelters can be a bit defensive or even aggressive, because they probably have been through a lot, until they make sure their new place is safe and they won’t be hurt.

7 Tips to take care of rescued dogs

  • Go to your nearest vet: The first thing you need to do when your new furry friend arrives is going to the vet. He/she will run some tests to assess the damage. Remember shelter dogs can be anemic, depleted of nutrients, and in bad shape.

  • Get him nutritious food: Dogs need minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids to have a complete diet. It’s very common for rescued dogs to be malnourished. Get your pup Mokai’s Multifunctional Dog Chews to make sure he is getting all the nutrients he needs to have a healthy and happy life. Your pup will appreciate it.

  • Give him time and a safe space: Always speak softly and gently, don’t startle him. Remember rescued dogs can get scared easily, so give him some time and be patient. Besides, provide him with a space for him to feel secure, with toys and blankets (ask the shelter for his favorite toys or blankets).

  • Set a daily routine and house rules. Rescued dogs come from a lot of inconsistencies, so they need you to be firm and consistent. Schedule routines for eating, walking, and sleeping, and stick to them. Besides, you should set your own house rules from the beginning for your pup to respect them.

  • Train him: Once your dog-parent relationship strengthens, establish a basic set of commands for your dog to follow. Training is super important to build a relationship of trust and a strong bond with each other.

  • Make him socialize with other dogs and people: Dogs are social creatures that need to spend time with others. Don’t worry if his behavior doesn’t fall into place right away, it may take some time but he will eventually get there.

  • Help ease his anxiety: Most rescue dogs have probably spent a lot of time locked in a crate or kennel at a shelter, which has lots of dogs barking at the same time 24/7. This can result in severe anxiety or stress for your dog. Also, rescue dogs usually go through a lot of trauma, causing their anxiety levels to be much higher than a dog that has been loved by a family since he was a puppy so make sure you help ease your dog’s anxiety by providing him with Hemp Calming Treats.

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