how to prepare for a puppy

How To Prepare For A Puppy

Anticipation is essential. Puppies are pretty much like toddlers so they need a lot of care and attention. They will sniff every little thing they find and they will investigate every hidden place of their new home. These few steps will help you get your house ready for your new best friend’s arrival.

Preparing your (Puppy) household


  1. Check your house for potential hazards. Even if you think your place is safe as it is, remember that an 8 weeks-old puppy will probably be sneaky and furtive. Don’t forget to double-check those hidden places: under your bed, behind the sink, etc.
  2. Puppies tend to get cold at night. Make sure to get a snug bed with a blanket for his comfort.
  3. Hide every little item you might consider chewable: wires, chargers, pen drives, even plants. Both for your new furry friend’s safety and your mental peace.

Puppy’s care

Now that your house is properly conditioned, let’s check everything you need to ensure your puppy’s best care.


Check your puppy’s calendar. You need to pay special attention to the first 6 months of your dog’s life since they are crucial regarding vaccination.

Thanks to their first vaccines (multivalent and its booster), they will be immunized against rabies, distemper, influenza, and leptospirosis among others, and you will be able to take them out for their first walk.


Deciding what food you are going to feed him with is one of the most intricate tasks. This decision will have a significant impact on his health. With hundreds of dog food brands, it’s inevitable to encounter multiple foods containing bad ingredients that are used are fillers. They are not beneficial to your dog’s health so make sure to make an informed decision when choosing your dog’s food.

But even if you choose the best food in the market, your dog’s nutrition will probably have some gaps. Just like in humans, it’s never a bad idea to supplement your dog’s diet. Ensuring your dog is getting all the nutrients he needs for proper development is part of the responsibility of being a great pet parent!


MOKAI has tasty daily multi-vitamins and omega-3 soft chews that your puppy will love. They’re delicious treats designed to be practical and useful in the task of making your dog’s nutrition complete, check out our supplements here.


The hygienic care of a dog is an essential part of their lives, but bear in mind that dogs’ needs are very different from ours. Their bathing frequency can vary from once a month to once every three months. Remember you shouldn’t bath your dog if he is 8 weeks old or younger. Choose a shampoo specific to puppies as it has soothing ingredients that won’t dry up your puppy’s skin and coat.


Don’t forget that responsibility is key! Once your puppy starts going on walks, you need to stock up on bags to pick up his poop. If you are looking for something more sustainable than plastic bags, you can check MOKAI’s compostable and biodegradable pet poop bags.


For a puppy, play-time is mandatory. Make sure to get some chewable toys to keep him entertained while also taking care of his itchy gums while his teeth grow. You can also keep some balls or puzzles that will assist in his cognitive development.

There’s nothing more amazing than seeing your puppy grow into a great dog! Unfortunately, your cute puppy will turn into an adult in the blink of an eye so make sure to enjoy your puppy every single day. Take lots of pictures of this amazing life-stage, and give him all the love that he deserves. Don’t forget to add training into his life: he'll need it to be the best life partner you'll ever have. Ready for play-time

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