how to get your puppy to sleep through the night

How To Get Your Puppy To Sleep Through The Night?

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Whenever a puppy enters a family, everything is filled with joy and eagerness. A new member of the family has arrived and it should be celebrated!

But taking care of a puppy is not an easy task (You can read a brief guide in our blog about how to prepare for a puppy). Poop and pee everywhere, constant crying, being in charge of proper nutrition… It can be a bit exhausting and nerve-racking.

However, most owners agree that the most difficult task is getting them to sleep through the night. Although puppies sleep between 16 and 18 hours a day, they tend to cry and whimper at night making it hard for owners to get a good night’s sleep.

Why do pups cry at night?

To put it in simple words, puppies cry because they need company and comfort. They probably miss the former place and they are getting used to their new home and new parents. Think of your puppy like a newborn baby. Unlike a baby, puppies can survive for themselves, but they also need constant care.

6 Tips to get your pup to sleep through the night

  • Crate train him: Put the crate in a central location, make it comfy with toys and blankets, and let your pup sniff it. Then choose a toy and leave it inside the crate, so your puppy can learn to manage anxiety. The idea behind crate training is that your dog can see the crate as something pleasant, and that he finds in it a place to chill, to be comfortable and at peace.

  • Place his bed/crate near you: Puppies can suffer from separation anxiety even more than adult dogs. Especially at night, if they wake up and think they are alone, they can get scared. At least during the first weeks, place his bed in your bedroom.

  • Wear him out: Even if your puppy is not fully vaccinated and can’t go outside, you can totally wear him out at home. Prepare long play sesh with him, make him chase some toys, play tug of war with a softy row, or make him run.

  • Give him proper nutrition: If your pup is depleted from the nutrients he needs and goes to sleep hungry, he will most likely wake up and ask for food. Multifunctional Dog Chews contain all the dog vitamins and minerals your pup needs for full development. A full stomach makes for a happy heart 😊

  • Keep a routine: Sticking to a routine can be very useful for your pup. It is important for you to create some habits for sleep time, so when bedtime comes, your pup will easily recognize it. Also, make sure your pup had his last meal at least two hours before going to sleep, so he won't be too full.

  • Avoid 9 pm naps: Napping throughout the day is completely normal for your pup. Actually, dogs have polyphasic sleep, which means they can sleep many times throughout the day. However, if your pup takes a nap at 9 pm, at 1 am he will probably be whining and looking for attention.

Never ignore your puppy when he cries at night! Especially during the first nights, he might be in need of the basics, so be patient and check him out to see what he needs and if he is ok.

When will my puppy sleep through the night?

Relax: nothing lasts forever. Approximately, by 16 weeks or so, your pup will be able to have a good uninterrupted night sleep. Until that moment comes, be patient, follow the previous steps… and take naps in the middle of the day!

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