hemp for dogs

Hemp For Dogs

Hemp and CBD oil have become world-renowned during the last few decades, due to the countless benefits they provide to human and pets’ mental and physical health. However, many people still have trouble differentiating them. In fact, did you know that hemp oil and CBD oil are not the same?

CBD vs Hemp for dogs

CBD oil and Hemp oil are different products, but somehow, they are often mixed up and people use their names interchangeably.

On the one hand, hemp oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant, which belong to the family of the Cannabis Sativa, which is part of the Cannabaceae family. Hemp oil doesn’t contain CBD, since it doesn’t come from the plant, flowers, or stem of the cannabis plant. Also, it doesn’t contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound that makes you ‘high’). However, it contains nutrients, fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, and bioactive compounds that have many health benefits.

On the other hand, CBD oil (short for Cannabidiol) usually comes from the flowers of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is not psychoactive, it contains only 0.3% of THC top, and will not make you high.

Basically, the main difference between CBD and hemp oil is where they come from. Even though both come from the hemp plant, CBD oil comes from the flower (containing up to 0.3 of THC), and hemp oil comes from the seed (containing no THC at all).

Last but not least, hemp and cannabis (marijuana) are two different plants that have various compositions. While hemp has no THC, cannabis has high THC levels, approximately up to 28%.

People don’t use hemp for recreational purposes, since, unlike marijuana, it doesn’t contain THC, the compound that makes you ‘high’

Uses and benefits of hemp for dogs

Hemp is not used for recreational purposes, since does not contain THC. Consuming hemp oil is completely safe, and it will provide many of the vitamins, nutrients, proteins, and fatty acids your dog needs to carry a healthy life. It is considered a nutritional supplement with many properties that support not only physical but mental health.

Hemp oil

  • Contains anti-age and antioxidant effects
  • Relieves pain
  • Helps constipation and gastrointestinal issues
  • Improves skin conditions
  • Helps the immune system and chronic inflammation
  • Reduces anxiety and hyperactivity

CBD oil

It can be divided into three categories, full-spectrum CBD (contains diverse compounds together with THC at a very low level), broad-spectrum CBD (contains diverse compounds but not THC), and CBD (contains only CBD).

  • Helps with pain and inflammation
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Inflammatory skin conditions
  • Neurodegenerative conditions


Before buying a product, you can check the label to see whether the ingredients of the product are hemp or CBD-derived. If the label doesn’t include ‘hemp oil’, then you should see if it contains ‘cannabis seed oil’, ‘full or broad-spectrum CBD’, or ‘cannabidiol’ which would indicate that the product comes from CBD and not hemp seed.

hemp for dogs

Is hemp oil safe for dogs?

Hemp oil is one of the fastest-growing health trends in pet care. It can be a real life-saver for your pup since it doesn’t only help manage chronic pain and inflammation (Thanks to its Gamma-linoleic acid that reduces inflammation) but also helps with anxiety and hyperactivity. Mokai’s Advanced Hemp Mobility and Hemp Calming Treats For Dogs help pups live their best lives, providing them with all the hemp benefits.

Just as importantly, hemp for dogs is super secure, even when taken in higher doses and over a long period of time. Administrating your dog hemp oil can boost your pup’s health and power up his quality of life without putting his health in danger.

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