Halloween activities for dogs

Halloween activities for dogs

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We can all agree that Halloween possible is one of the best (if not the best) holidays of the year: you get to dress up as whatever you want, you can eat all the candy your heart desires, watch your favorite spooky movies, go trick or treating with friends, and throw the most amazing parties.

But, what about your pooch? How can your dog take part in this amazing holiday? They obviously can’t eat candy, and we’re sure they are not going to enjoy a crowded party with loud music. 

Worry not, because there are many creative ways in which you can celebrate Halloween with your dog, and we’re here to share all of them with you. 

Throw a mini party

Each dog has its own personality and preferences. Some like to be around a large group of dogs, and have no problem with them entering their house, while others prefer to hang out just with the ones they already know and have established a relationship with.

What is more, some pooches don’t enjoy being with other dogs at all, they are more of a people-dogg. And it’s totally okay! You don’t need to force your pup to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with.

So when throwing a mini Halloween party, you have to make sure you’re adapting it to your dog needs and preferences. If your pooch has their own pack of friends who have already been at your house and your dog feels comfortable with them, then you can definitely throw a party with them!

Decorate your house, bake some healthy delicious treats, buy some extra tennis balls and there you have it, a wonderful doggo halloween party. Here is some inspo of the cutest halloween costumes for dogs in case you needed it!

If your pooch is only fond of inviting no more than one or two friends, you can have a party with them too! Always keep in mind that the most important thing is that they have fun. 

And if your dog doesn’t like other doggos coming into their house, you can invite some of their favorite people over and still have a pawsome party. Make sure to have treats both for Fido and for your human guests and to schedule time for a cuddle session!

Participate in a dog-friendly race

This might be one of the best Halloween activities for dogs and humans. You will not only have the time of your life, but you will also be doing exercise, which is essential for your dog’s health.

What is more, this is not only a one day activity, oh no. You and Fido will have to get into shape! This means that you can start by taking half-an-hour or an hour-long walks around the neighborhood every day. 

Luckily, there are many options of dog-friendly races all over the country. Most of them tend to be a 5k race, not to over exercise the doggos. Nevertheless, there are options for the more athletic pups too: 10k races and even marathons.

This amazing website lets you look for races around your area, make sure to check it out!

Trick or treating

Believe it or not, you can also go trick or treating with your pup. Nevertheless, the doggo trick or treating requires a little bit more organization than the regular one. What you have to do is to get in touch with the humans of your dog’s friends and invite them to the nearest dog friendly park.

Once you’re all there, you can have your own special trick or treating, with some of the most delicious and healthy treats, and some of the coolest tricks! The better the trick the more treats they receive!

And if your pooch doesn’t have a problem with it, you can even put a nice costume on them.

Bake Halloween treats

We assure you your dog is going to absolutely LOVE this activity, not only the result, but also the process. Just as it happens with human baking, the only limit of doggo baking is your own imagination. Sure, you can make plain simple treats. Or you can do halloween shaped ones…, or ghosts or skull ones...

What is more, you can even create some dog friendly frosting to decorate the treats!

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