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Guard Dog Breeds: The 10 Most Protective Dogs

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We like to think of dogs as the furriest members of a family. Dogs are always there for us, sticking to us in the worst moments, and celebrating with us our good news. They truly are one of us. However, they have a special feature that we humans don’t have, and which makes them unique: Their protective instinct. In this blog, we will list the best guard dog breeds and their characteristics.

The 10 most protective dog breeds

All dogs are usually protective towards their owners, but some dogs have this skill more developed than others. And even though the training part is super important, dog breeds and genetics have a lot to do with it. That is why we have developed a shortlist of the best guard dog breeds, for you to choose your favorite.

  1. Rottweiler: These energetic dogs are strong, confident, highly intelligent, and one of the best guard dog breeds. They need a lot of physical and mental activity in order to release all their energy. They are protective and loyal, so they need to be properly socialized and trained to have their territorial instincts under control.

  2. Doberman Pinscher: These dogs are usually feared by those who don’t know them and stigmatized as dangerous and aggressive (probably because they perform well in military and police work). However, nothing could be further from the truth: If they are well socialized, they are great guardians, but also gentle and friendly. They won’t look for trouble, but they will not hesitate to defend their family from a possible threat either.

  3. Bullmastiff: Loyal, sweet, and good-natured. He constitutes a great family dog: This dog would literally put his life at risk in order to protect his family. Besides, they are obedient and agile, but they don’t demand a lot of daily exercise and they are not excessive barkers. The downside is they don’t normally get along with other pets.

  4. Komondor: Super intelligent, independent, and loyal. They were usually herded to guard livestock, so they are super protective and their favorite activity is to watch over their family. If you adopt a Komondor, you must be very careful since they can be very aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs. They are very easy to train but they can also get bored rapidly, so you need to come up with different techniques.

  5. Dogue de Bordeaux: This dog is usually quiet, calm, and social, but don’t let his friendly aspect fool you: you don’t want to mess with him. When aroused, he can get very aggressive, so it is important to encourage socialization during puppyhood.

  6. Puli: This breed is dominant, bossy, and extremely territorial. They will rapidly alert you if something is going off. Due to their high intelligence, they enjoy both human and animal company. The downside is that they have a lot of stocked energy, so they need a lot of daily activity to release it.

  7. German Shepherd: One of the most popular dog breeds in America. They are courageous, intelligent, and eager pleasers. Besides, they are easy to train, and love spending time with their owners. They might get a bit overprotective with their family members, so it is important to make them socialize correctly as puppies.

  8. Chow chow: This breed is highly independent and wouldn’t exactly be described as social. However, chow chows are super devoted and protective to their families. When it comes to strangers, they are reserved and leery, but will rapidly accept them if they notice their owners are being friendly towards them.

  9. Giant Schnauzer: They are dominant. Even though they are very intimidating to strangers, they are very loyal and devoted to their families and make excellent company dogs.

  10. Belgian Sheepdog: This is probably the perkiest breed of guard dogs. Even though they are alert and watchful, they have a very playful side, and they love to follow people around. They are usually vigilant towards strangers since they are pretty possessive with their owners, so they need to be carefully trained to avoid aggressive behaviors.
guard dog breeds

Best guard dog for families

If you are not looking for a guard dog breed, but you still want your pup to be alert, you can opt for watchdogs, like Terriers, Poodles, Chihuahua, and Miniature Pinscher. These breeds won’t be as dominant or territorial as guard dog breeds, but they will be great watchdogs for their barking, and will rapidly let you know when something is going on.

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